Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Golly...

...Miss Molly!

Excited to announce this beautiful little girl joined our family on May 16th, weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces, 20.5 inches long. A nearly exact replica of her older brother.

Molly Jean Cook, 1 week old

I'll write up the whole birth story later, but she came super fast! Water was broken at 9:45; little MJ was in my arms at 11:35. Big bro Elliot is adjusting well--not super interested in her so far, but doesn't seem to mind her too much, either :)

I feel beyond lucky and blessed to call these two mine; just wish their big sister was here with us too. 

Write more soon!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

2 Years Old!

Dear Elliot,
Happy 2nd birthday! I cannot believe it's been two years since you came into this world and brought so much fun, laughter, chaos, and pure joy into our lives.

You've had a larger than life personality since you were just a little baby, but over the last six months you've really developed a mind and spirit of your own. 

When you get into something, you really get into something. Right now that something is superheroes. It started with Batman, then Superman, and has since expanded to include every superhero in the galaxy, both the well-known and the weirdly obscure. You have a collection of "guys" that we've been acquiring from Goodwill and other various thrift stores, and you are obsessed with lining them all up just how you like them.

And speaking of obsessed? Let's talk about your obsession with costumes. You absolutely love to dress up. Most mornings you wake up asking to put on one of your superhero outfits. Your grandma got you some off-season clearance Halloween costumes for Christmas, and we've since gotten a few more, and you insist on wearing one of them (or some combo of a few of them!) pretty much every day. In public, like wherever we go. I figure if it makes you happy, why not? 

You started sleeping in a "big boy" bed about two months ago. I was super nervous about the big transition and was really worried it was going to mess up the great sleep habits you finally had down, but you did awesome. Probably helped that you got to go from crib to your very own Batmobile! 

Your dad wrote more about making your bed here.

Since you're such a big boy now, you've been talking more and more like a big kid too. It's so much fun watching you go from one and two word phrases to speaking in simple "sentences." You still have some pretty funny pronunciations for some words (ie: cuddle is "cuckle," good is "doog," Captain America is "caca caca" etc), which I find absolutely adorable and almost hope you never correct. 

I love walking through the store with you and seeing your face light up every two seconds as you see things you recognize and shout out their names. "Blue bike!" "Yellow soap!" "New book!" Or my personal favorite: every time we leave Target and pass the red ball sculptures they have outside, "Bye, big balls!" (I'm so mature, haha).

You still have a great love of books. You'll sit and read with us for pretty much as long as we'll keep reading. You have almost memorized some of the books we read the most often and will say the words out lout as we read. Reading by yourself is also one of the few activities you'll sit quietly and do for long periods of time. Sometimes I pick you up from school and find you just sitting contently with a pile of books. It makes English major's heart incredibly happy. 

You've been going to school two mornings a week and you absolutely love it. We go through one of the school districts nearby that offers block time daycare, which works really great for my fulltime work-from-home schedule. You recently moved up to the "older toddler" room and are loving all the crafts and songs and more structured activities they do with you. Many mornings I'll ask you "what should we do today?" and you exclaim, "school!"

Your teachers are always talking about what a "busy" boy you are--and it's true! You are definitely high energy! I literally can't even remember the last time we used a stroller because you like to walk (or run) everywhere. You love going to parks (lately it's been all the indoor parks around town) and climbing around with all the big kids. You are fearless. There isn't staircase too steep, a slide too long, a tunnel too scary that you won't attempt it. I adore your sense of adventure but man, you've definitely given me more than a few near heart attacks!

I feel like I could just go on and on and this fun stage of life you're in right now. I could also go on and on about the not-so-fun parts (like the picky eating, the tantrums, the "please use your gentle hands" phrase I have to say at least 3493948398 times a day), but really, truly, even with the challenges that come with raising a toddler, I couldn't be happier. And I couldn't possibly love you more. 

Happy birthday, baby boy! Can't wait to celebrate later this afternoon!

All my love,

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