Friday, January 29, 2010

I've always been a good mom...

My mom sent this picture, along with the following message to all her sisters:

Just wanted to share our exciting news! Kristin and Andy are expecting in August. As Brandon replied when Kristin told him the news, “How did that happen?!”
I hope you (and your grandkids) are all doing well!
Love you,
Barb and family

See baby, I've always been a good mom. I just took better care of my dinos and animals than my baby dolls. :)

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Positive

Dear Baby,
I feel like I've been a bit of a downer lately. Feeling like crap all day, everyday, for weeks on end will do that to you I guess! Anyway, I thought I would try to look on the bright side today. Aside from the constant headaches, nausea, and fatigue, there are actually a lot of good things going on right now:

* Yesterday, I got a surprise salary raise and bonus at work, without asking for it! It's so nice to feel appreciated.

* My boss is awesome. She has been so supportive and flexible throughout this pregnancy so far. The other day, she brought in her sweet Pentunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for me...those retail for $175-200 new! How thoughtful and nice!

* Our families couldn't be more supportive and excited for you. I'm on some "birth club" forums online, and I keep reading all these stories of ladies whose families are not there for them, or have reacted negatively about their pregnancy. Your dad and I are incredibly blessed with parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who love us more than we deserve.

* Your dad goes out and gets me whatever weird food I'm craving every night, with minimal complaining. He's also been about as supportive and understanding as a first-time dad-to-be could possibly be.

* The dogs still get way too excited to see me everyday when I get home, despite the fact that I have been a lazy bum and haven't taken them on walks or played with them much lately.

* I have a freaking human being growing inside me. Simply amazing.

There are many, many more, but I think those are all the biggies.

Love you,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Second Appointment

Hi Baby,
We went to our second prenatal appointment today. We were able to hear your little heart beating strong at 150bpm. It was so amazing to hear that sound. It's so nice to have "proof" of your existence. :)

According to Dr. Google, a heartrate above 140bpm means it's a girl. I still think you're a boy though. We'll just have to wait and see I guess!

Love you,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

11 Weeks

Dear Baby,
Today marks 11 weeks of existence for you! Almost into the second trimester!

Number of weeks pregnant: 11

Weight: No's gotta be up at least a couple pounds from last week!

How I'm feeling: Still not feeling very good, but I'm getting my appetite back a bit. Now I usually crave some sort of "real" food, rather than just simple carbs. I'm having a really hard time sleeping at night, due to waking up every 20 minutes with the urge to pee. I'm still getting headaches pretty bad every morning, and it's definitely a challenge to will myself out of bed every morning (especially on work days!) I haven't had the energy to blow dry or straighten my hair since New Years!

We (hopefully!) get to hear your heartbeat tomorrow morning. We're so excited! Keep growing little one!

Love you,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear Baby,
Well, I officially feel like a big, fat pregnant lady. I know most of what's making my once flat tummy stick out like a buddah belly is water and bloating, and not actually you quite yet, but if I relax my stomach, I seriously look like I'm 5-6 months pregnant. I don't think I've actually gained that much weight (maybe like 2-5 pounds, which I swear is all in my rapidly growing boobs), but I look like I've gained at least 10. I hate this stage, where no one knows I'm pregnant, and probably just thinks I way overate during the holidays. My new belly pooch, added to the fact that I haven't really left the couch in almost a month, is making me feel quick gross and lazy!

Sorry for the rant. Your mom isn't always this negative and whiney, I promise. Someday, maybe you'll understand.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 Weeks

Hi Baby,
Well, you officially turned 10 weeks old today! Here's how I look and how I'm feeling.

Weeks Pregnant: 10

Weight: 136 (up from 133!)

How I'm feeling: "All Day" sickness still going on, but I am starting to feel a BIT better than last week. Most food is totally unappealing to me right now. Every night, I'll think of one specific meal I HAVE to have, and dad goes and gets it :). I have headaches, am exhausted, and my boobs feel huge, heavy, and sore. I've basically been living in bed or on the couch for the past 3 weeks. I can't wait to get some energy back and venture back out into the world! I'm definitely getting sick of being sick!

Random thoughts: I am still nervous about miscarriage (especially these "missed" miscarriages I read so much about.) I am excited to hear your little heartbeat on the 25th--I think you will become so much more "real" once I hear it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Baby,
I can't wait for you to meet your sisters: Foxy and Jackie. I was never really a "dog person" until these little girls came into our lives. They bring us so much joy and laughter and I'm sure they're going to love you.

First, we have Foxy, our goofy little Fox:

Your dad and I got Foxy a little over a year and a half ago, in June of 2008. We brought her home when she was 9 weeks old, and she quickly stole our hearts. The summer we got her was one of the greatest summers of my life so far. We had so much fun taking her on walks around the lake, bringing her to "puppy school," spending too much money on dog treats and accessories, and meeting lots of other nice people with dogs. Foxy is the cutest dog in the world (yes I'm biased, but you'll see it's true!) She is stubborn, silly, playful, sneaky (like a Fox!) and incredibly friendly. She especially loves little kids and every parent we meet always comments on how unusually great she is with children. She loves to play fetch, play with her "buddies" (beanie babies, other stuffed animals), wrestle with Jackie, be chased, run around outside, meet new people, beg for treats, and, of course, cuddle with her mama :). Every night, she insists on sleeping on my shoulder. You're going to LOVE playing with the Fox!

Then we have Jackie, our sweet little good girl:

We got Jackie a little over a year ago, in November 2008. We knew we wanted a playmate for Foxy, so I was always looking at the "pets" section on Craigslist, keeping an eye out for poodles for sale. The day I saw the posting for Jackie, I knew we had to have her. Her owner was giving her away because she simply couldn't take care of her anymore. Jackie had a rough start to life, spending the first year of her life locked in someone's garage. When we picked her up she was super skinny and boney, and didn't even know how to play with toys! It was heartbreaking. I was worried that she was never going to adjust to her new life, but after about a week with us, she started to open up. Today, she is the sweetest, most loving, most obedient little girl ever. You can tell she appreciates what we've done for her. She loves to be pet, cuddled, and praised. She's totally stolen my dad's heart too!

This picture pretty much sums up their personalities:

I can't wait to watch the three of you play together soon!




Dear Baby,

Lately, you’re pretty much all I can think about. When I’m at my desk at work (like right now), I find myself googleing all sorts of random things related to you, including:

  • 8.5 weeks pregnant sick all the time help!
  • What do you think of the name Stevie for a girl?
  • Childcare Minneapolis
  • 8.5 weeks pregnant constipation
  • When to tell friends you’re pregnant
  • Dopplers
  • Odds of miscarriage 9 weeks pregnant?
  • 8.5 weeks pregnant craving gas station nachos
  • Missed miscarriage how common?
  • 9 weeks pregnant bloating
  • New baby and dogs
  • 8.5 weeks pregnant belly pictures

And the list goes on and on…

Thank God for the internet or I don’t know what I’d do with myself!

Until next time,


Mashed Potatoes

Dear Baby,

Until you came into my life, I loved spicy foods–foods with lots of flavor. Now, all I can seem to stomach are completely bland foods that are void of any flavor at all. You seem to really like instant mashed potatoes. Not REAL mashed potatoes, but the kind that are made from mixing water or milk with dehydrated potato flakes. Yesterday at work, my boss went and got me some at the gas station for lunch. She told the girl working there that she was getting them for her pregnant co-worker. The girl was like, “I used to eat instant mashed potatoes all the time when I was pregnant too!”Apparently you’re not the only 8.5 week old fetus that soggy cardboard-type substances.

So today I went to the same gas station for lunch and when I got to the counter and asked for some plain mashed potatoes, the girl gave me this knowing look, smiled, and gave me an extra large serving. I think her and I are going to be seeing quite a bit of each other the next few weeks!

Alright, baby. Talk to you soon!




Hi Baby,

I love you, but you are really making me sick! Last week we went on a snowboarding trip to Whister, BC (that’s in Canada). We planned the trip and bought the tickets long before you came along. Your Auntie Jaime and I surprised dad and your Uncle Ben (dad's brother) for Christmas. I think your way of telling me you didn’t want to go snowboarding was to make me super sick the whole time we were at the mountain! Apparently, you really don’t like eggs, because the first morning we were there, your dad made some scrambled eggs and I spent the next couple hours in the bathroom, puking just from the smell!

You and I spent the week curled up on the couch, with a box of saltine crackers, watching “Judge Judy,” “Law and Order,” and “The People’s Court” while everyone else went out snowboarding.

Mommy with her trusty box of saltines

In all honestly, I’m kind of glad you’re making me so sick, because I feel better knowing you’re still alive in me.

Here are some foods you seem to love:

  • Pickles
  • Frosting
  • Mashed potatoes (like from KFC)
  • Gas station/movie theater nachos with lots of jalepenos
  • Mcflurries from McDonalds
  • Gingerale
  • M&Ms
  • Milk
  • Saltine crackers

Here are some foods that you appear to hate:

  • Eggs
  • Broccoli (used to be one of my faves!)
  • Most everything else

I hope you’re not expecting to eat like this once you’re born! :)

Love you,



Hey Baby,

You can’t even imagine how excited your grandparents are about you! Your Grandma Cook and your Auntie Katie were so excited, that they went out the day after we told them about you and bought you your first little onesie, bib, and stuffed giraffe. Everyone on dad’s side of the family talks about you constantly now. We talk about what your name might be, what your nursery is going to look like, what books we’re going to read to you, everything! You’re already loved so much!

Your Grandma and Grandpa Ziemke (my mom and dad) are also very excited. Grandma started to cry as soon as she figured out what I was about to tell her. She said something that I keep coming back to: “most couples regret not having kids sooner, and not the other way around.” The more I think about it, the more I’m excited to be a “young” mom…a mom who has lots of energy to chase you around and make life super fun for you. I have never been very close to my own grandparents and I’ve always been a bit sad about that. I am so happy that you’re going to have both sets very involved in your life right from the beginning. :)

Keep growing strong–you have lots of people loving you and cheering you on!




Dear Baby,

We are planning on telling our parents (your grandparents) about you this week/weekend. Part of me is really excited, but a bigger part of me is incredibly nervous. I guess I am nervous because I have always been my parent’s “little girl”, and becoming a mother myself will certainly change that! I will let you know how it all goes!

We love you so much!




Dear Baby,

Your dad and I just got back from our first prenatal appointment. We didn’t get to see your heartbeat (I guess they don’t do that until you’re about 11-12 weeks old), but hearing a Doctor say the words, “you’re pregnant,” somehow makes things feel a little bit more real. We basically just went over a lot of do’s and don’ts (which I already knew from scouring the internet for pregnancy advice 6 hours a day for the last 2 weeks!), and I had 4 vials of my blood taken and a physical exam, to make sure I’m healthy. They said I’m the perfect picture of health.

It was nice to have your dad there. He was so excited to be a part of this. He even wanted to stay in the room for my pelvic/breast exam, but I made him wait in the waiting room. :)

Keep growing little one!



4 Days

Dear Baby,

I was supposed to go in for my first prenatal appointment on January 5th (after we get back from our snowboarding trip!), but I just can’t stand the waiting. So I called today to see if the Dr’s office could squeeze me in next week before Christmas and to my surprise, they could! So, I am going to get all checked out for the first time in 4 days. Not that I think like 8 positive home pregnancy tests could be wrong, but I think I’ll feel more like this is really happening once I have my first appointment. I think you’re still too little to see on an ultrasound, but I might get to see your heart beating.

Hope these next 4 days go by quickly!




Dear Baby,

One of the most fun things about being pregnant with you is talking about what we’re going to name you. I know that you already know whether you’re a boy or a girl, but dad and I won’t find that out for another few months, so we’ve been picking out our favorite names for either scenario. If you’re a boy, I think you’ll be a Henry. Henry James Cook most likely. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? If you’re a girl, you’ll probably be a Lucy or a Stevie, after your grandpa (my dad), Steve.

It’s so weird that you are going to be a real-live little person one day! I can’t wait to get to know you! You’ll probably be stubborn, strong-willed, and free-spirited like your mom and dad, but who knows, maybe you’ll surprise us! :) Whatever little personality you end up with, we’re gonna love you more than you can even imagine.

Well, time to get back to work. Talk to you soon!



PS. Something you’re doing in there is making me pee like crazy! :)


Dear Baby,

I should probably start out by introducing myself. I’m your mom, Kristin (but you can call me “mommy”). Honestly, I really don’t feel like a mom quite yet; most days, I still feel like a child myself! Your daddy and I have been married for about 2.5 years. I’m 24 and he just turned 25 (the day after we found out about you, actually). One day we’ll tell you the whole story, but we met when we were just 13 years old at summer camp, and then re-met years later when we both ended up going to the same college. I was an English major (which will explain all the reading I’ll insist on later) and your daddy was a Physical Education major…in a lot of ways, we’re are very different, but it works. Hopefully, you’ll come out a nice mix of the two of us–how well-rounded you would be! :)

Your dad and I at summer camp when we were 15...he's the really tall guy in yellow, I'm the girl in blue with the awesome bangs

The two of us on a backpacking trip in Montana last summer

Your dad and I have always wanted kids. In fact, I’ve dreamed about being a mom since before I can really remember. If there is one thing I want more than anything else in the world, it’s you. Now, to be honest, we weren’t QUITE ready to try for you yet when I found out that you were growing away inside of me…

I was a few days late for my period (you’ll learn all about what those are one day), and was feeling all-around pretty crappy. I was exhausted and kept getting these horrible headaches, but I figured it was all related to being stressed out and tired from running our annual Adopt a Family program at work–basically, I was in the middle of my busiest/stressfullest week of the entire year. Exactly one week ago today, I decided to take a pregnancy test, just to “rule it out.” Daddy picked up a test at the dollar store (I was so sure it would be negative that I didn’t want to waste more than $1.00!), I peed on the stick, and to my surprise, 2 pink lines appeared. I was literally speechless for a minute or two, just staring at the test, my pants still at my ankles. Finally, I opened the bathroom door. “Andy!” I called into the kitchen, “come here and take a look at this! Do you see what I see??” He did see what I saw, and was probably even more stunned than I was. “Go buy another test,” I demanded, “maybe this one’s defective!”

I took 3 more tests that night, and all of them were positive. You were nestling up inside of me, whether we were ready for you or not. One week later, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that there is a little human being growing and developing inside of me. According to the books, online articles, and even iPhone applications I’ve read, you’re about the size of an orange seed. It’s so amazing how everything about you–your gender, your hair color, your eye color, whether or not you’re allergic to peanuts just like me–is contained in a little ball of cells the size of an orange seed.

Even though we weren’t expecting you to come into our lives right now, we are so excited to meet you and to be your mom and dad.

Take care, little one.



PS. I sent some Chipotle down your way last night. How’d you like it??

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