Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 2 Pictures

Dear Elliot,
I am so behind in writing about your first few weeks. There are so many moments I don't want to forget, but it seems like even during the times you're napping during the day, all I want to do is cuddle and watch you sleep. So another photo bomb post will just have to do for now :)

 Big baby hands

Uncle Brandon was so excited to hold you!

One week old!

Goofy boy

 First attempt at tummy time

Dreaming of money with his Mega Millions lotto tickets, haha

First sponge bath

 Chillin with Dad

 Snuggles with Mom

Best feeling ever

 Little chicky ready to celebrate Easter with the Cooks

 Long feet

 Sweet booties all the way from Australia :)

 With Auntie Katie

 With Auntie Rachel

With Grandpa Cook

 First Easter basket


Elliot and Maddie--cousins 10 days apart!

Got a good grip on Dad's finger

 Wide-eyed boy

Your favorite sweater (another gift from Danii and Eben!)

Not a fan of baths

 Bathtime fun, haha

 Peeing all over Dad as revenge :)

 Hanging out before bed

2 weeks old!

Easter at the Ziemke's

 Gifts from Uncle Brandon

 Sleeping through the Masters with Grandpa

Getting so much more alert

Silly faces

 Our little family

 So cute

Nap time with my girls and boy

Family photo :)

These last few weeks have been the most exhausting, happiest days of my life. We love you more than words can say.



Jessica said...

What a lovely post and GREAT pictures!! He is so cute and so lucky to have such wonderful parents! <3

Julie said...

the family photo at the end brought tears to my eyes... and a smile to my face!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the last 2 pictures!!!!!! He fits perfectly into your arms and you guys are such a beautiful family!

Mary said...

Kristin I'm so jealous! He's beautiful and you guys are so blessed. YOu have a beautiful family and a beautiful guardian angel watching over you all...

Brooke said...

I love the picture of you napping with the dogs and baby. So sweet. Also the peeing in revenge--too funny. Congrats again on your adorable boy.

AnotherDreamer said...

They grow so fast. Sweet photos.

The Burwell's North... said...

Beautiful family. I loved the shot with the Mega Million tickets, but the pictures with your brother brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

Kim said...

Such sweet photos:) Congratulations again!

Tiffany said...

that little boy is so gorgeous.

Kelly Jean said...

I can't make it through a post of yours without tearing up! Especially the very first pic up there of you and Elliot. Seeing you holding your beautiful baby boy is just so heart warming Kris, after all you went through. He is just ADORABLE. I'm so so so so so happy for you.

Becky said...


Hope's Mama said...

He is so very cute. I'm so happy for you all.

Grace said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile because I just happened to find it randomly one day. I hadn't read it in a few months and came back to it the other day. I am so thrilled to see that your boy is doing so well! Congrats to you and your husband on your precious bundle of joy!

Shan said...


Crystal said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Enjoy these early moments... they fly so fast. You'll turn around and he'll be walking. :-)

heathermohr said...

He is so precious! As others have said, these moments fly so fast. So enjoy even the sleep-deprived ones! I know you are!

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