Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another New Gig

Dear Readers,
I have recently started another job! I will be writing all about baby shoes as the new Baby Shoes Topic Writer for Who would have thought I'd actually ever use my Nordstrom kids' shoes experience?? (I sold kid/baby shoes all there all through college). Don't worry, this will not become a baby shoe blog, but I will be sharing links to my articles here and there. If you'd like to check out my work, my first four articles are here:
I think I am going to write my next articles on first walker shoes (since Elliot is just about at that stage--what??) and spring styles. If anyone has any suggestions, please please share them in the comments! El is currently standing on his own and starting to take a couple steps (mainly just lunging for things that are just slightly out of his reach). I just ordered him some Star Wars Yoda Robeez for once he starts standing/walking outside. Seriously, way too cute.

Big update coming soon! Love you all!



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