Friday, June 14, 2013

You, Lately

Dear Elliot,
Yikes, I am so behind! You are at an incredibly fun, yet incredibly exhausting stage, so I just haven't had the time to site down and write. You are definitely keeping me busy!

I know I've said it a million times before, but this time I totally mean it: this is my favorite age yet. It feels like every single day you do something new, and I am just in awe of what a truly wonderful and bright little boy you are turning into.

I want to make sure I remember just how much fun this 13-14 months stage was, so here's a little recap of what you've been up to recently.

Physically: you're a runner, a climber, a crazy, always-into-everything kind of kid. You just love to be on the move. One of your favorite activities is to run up and down the walking paths in the woods behind our house. You love it so much you literally wave your arms and squeal with delight as you go; you'd stay back there forever if you could.

You're also obsessed with playing at the park and running around the splash pad. We're at a minimum of one park a day, usually it's two or three. You have no fear, which is both really fun and really terrifying for me. You'll follow the "big kids" around and try to copy everything they do; I swear you are one year going on 11. And water? You love it. The first time we went to the splash pad you ran right into the water, stuck your face in it, and never looked back. 

Verbally: You are starting to say more and more words, especially in the last few weeks. Aside from mama and dad, your first real word was dog "doug!" and it's still the one you say the most. Anytime you see a dog at the park, anytime you see one in a book, anytime you notice Foxy or Jackie running around, you yell it out. Most mornings one of the first things you say after waking up is "dogs?" and go looking for the girls. Adorable. 

Along with dog, the other word I hear pretty much all day long is no. It's usually more like "noooooooo!" You are developing quite the little personality (more on that later), and are definitely figuring out how to get things you want (or avoid the things you don't want!)

Here you are saying no to everything I ask you:

Here are some other words you are saying consistently right now:
  • Don't (in response to diaper changes, putting on socks, anytime I take something away, etc)
  • Yes ("yeah" or "yep")
  • Hi 
  • Book ("buh")
  • Banana ("nana")
  • Up
  • Out
  • Duck
  • Ball ("bah")
  • Milk (usually just pointing to my boobs and whining "mmmmm" but I'll count it, ha)
Beyond the words you actually say, you understand a crazy amount of words/phrases, and it's amazing that you are starting to follow instructions/commands so well. Like it blows my mind the things that you know (that I didn't think you knew). For example, the other morning you were playing with your baby doll and I said, "Elliot, I think your baby is hungry" and you immediately ran to your kitchen, grabbed a wooden cookie, and shoved it in the baby's mouth. Genius!

Here are just some of the things you'll do on command these days:
  • Dance (seriously, cutest thing ever)
  • Clap your hands
  • Snap your fingers
  • "How old are you?" (you hold up one finger)
  • "How big are you?" (hands in the hair)
  • "Where's your nose/tongue/ears/feet?" (you point)
  • Give me a kiss (or give your baby/dino/whatever a kiss)
  • Give me a hug
  • Bang bang (bang like a drum)
  • Go get a book to read (bring it to me, sit on my lap to read)
  • Bring me your shoes
  • Go to your high chair (time to eat)
  • Go outside (you run to the door when I say it)
  • "Who's on the phone?" (you hold up whatever's in your hand to your ear and say "hello?")
  • Pick me a flower (flower = dandelion) 
Here's a video of your signature dance move:

Personality: you are still just an exceptionally happy little guy. Always smiling, always laughing. You love hamming it up and flirting with strangers, but you're also developing more and more of a...let's just call it a "strong personality." You hate being told "no" and not getting your way. I'm sure this is a universal thing in toddlers, but I think it might come out even more than is normal with you :) I wonder where you got that from??

Overall, you are just amazing. Like I am in for real, actual awe and amazement that you are mine. That I get to be the one you call "mama." When I really think about how lucky I am, it's overwhelming. 

I love you so much, Mr. El. 



Lisa Sissons said...

I'm so so happy for you Kristen.

These Elliot updates are a bit like a pang though, because you describe is such detail what my Finley would be doing, as he shares a birthday with E.

He is such a handsome little guy, and I just know he is so lucky to have you as his mama <3

Brie said...

Man he reminds me of my son. Wish we lived closer!

Harlowe said...

Oh, that video, ha ha. How cute!

Vicky said...

Cutest little man ever :)

Satya's Girl said...

May I say you don't even look your age? You look like a 19-20 yrs old happy girl, being mom of 2 sweetheart kids and looking the way you look and writing the way you write...that's smth to consider and to follow. Youve gained a new follower:)

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