Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm still here!

Dear Readers,
Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here. It's been a busy, crazy summer, and I've also been having computer issues at home, which partly explains my lack of posting. Please know I am still reading your blogs, even if I'm a horrible commenter (I am usually reading on my phone or iPad, and hate typing on both!)

Anyway, I promise I will be back soon. I might even have a new blog look and other exciting changes to unveil upon my return (oooh, the suspense is killing you, I know! haha).

Hope you're all having good, fun, peaceful summers.


PS. Here are a few pics from our recent trip to NYC. It was so much fun!

 The best hotdogs EVER (I had a veggie dog, but it still counts, right??)

 Danni, Eben, and Andy all squished together on the subway

 Ferry ride

 Crazy Times Square

 Subway love :)

 Lots and lots of walking...

 Lunch at a super cute cafe near Central Park

 Pretty sure this tunnel was in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

 Danni and I in Central Park

 Silly guys

 Paddleboating (is that one word?) in Central Park

 Found a Cook Street!

 Hot and sweaty in Times Square :)

 Seeing 'Avenue Q' on Broadway...hilarious!

 Manhattan at night, beautiful

 Ghetto Coney Island (about 15 seconds after this photo was taken, we were offered free condoms from random girls on the boardwalk, nice!)

 Miss you D!

Hanging out on Tyler's awesome rooftop in Brooklyn


Caroline said...

Beautiful pics and so nice to hear from you.

Take care :)

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Great pics. Avenue Q is amazing! (I especially loved the song from it "For Now"- I sobbed as I was miscarrying at the time.) Anyways, great show!

Tiffany said...

Nice pics! Looks fun!

Franchesca said...

Looks like you had a blast Kristin!!

Julie said...

the nighttime pic looks like a postcard!

Dannii said...

i miss you too my love! i love these photos, you're fantastic! you still have to email me a few! cant wait to see what the blog looks like all updated :) I hope you had a happy and wonderful birthday, we love you lots and wish we were there to have a drink with you. xxxxx

Rhiannon said...


Stephanie said...

You all are so cute! NYC rocks:)

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