Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year

Dear Elliot,
I was going to do a big post all about my new year's resolutions, but to be honest, I really only have three goals for 2012 and they are pretty simple:
1. Get through (and even try to enjoy!) the next 10 weeks of this pregnancy without going crazy;
2. Deliver you healthy and alive;
3. Spend the rest of the year learning how to be the best darn mom a little boy could ask for.

Here are our last belly pics of 2011:

We had a nice New Years Eve weekend, which started out with a huge blessing: a super kind woman who follows this blog giving us a brand-new (in the box!) stroller:

Turns out the stroller is totally our style AND all the reviews say it's one of the best models for tall parents, which works out pretty well for your giant of a father (he's 6'10!). If you're reading this, thank you so much, Patti! Not only do we now have a great stroller for Elliot, we have an even greater story to tell him someday :)

New Years Eve we had some good friends over, played games, and stayed up way too late.

This is me hiding from the camera and trying not to fall asleep at like 2am

Then on New Years Day, Dad painted one of the walls in your nursery:

I love how the color turned out. I'll post another pic of the finished wall once we get things put back into their places again.

This weekend we also finally got some snow (about a week late!). I'm not really liking the colder temps, seeing that I don't even have a winter jacket that zips up over my belly anymore, but I was pretty excited to be able to enjoy my favorite winter snack: snowcream!

Snow mixed with milk, vanilla extract, and lots of sugar

This week we have a lot going on. We start our Hypnobabies birthing classes tonight, I have another appointment with an asthma specialist tomorrow, Thursday I have my glucose screening test, and Friday is your 28-week ultrasound at the Perinatal clinic. Hopefully all of the above go well!

I love you, baby boy. I am excited to be starting 2012, the year of your birth. See you Friday!



Anonymous said...

I like the color on the walls! I am certain your little one will make it. Keep calm. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Love the color of the wall :) Lovely! I have never heard of snowcream before LOL but glad you got to have some! Love the belly shots - looking good!!

Alissa said...

Snowcream sounds delicious. As a Wisconsin girl, I cannot believe I have never heard of it. By the way, I already know you will be an amazing mama to you little boy just as you have been to your little girl. ((hugs))

Patti Smith said...

HA- here I thought for sure it was a lime green stroller! Looks gray with green base and wheels? I am so happy it is going to work for you!

Holly said...

Yay! snow ice cream! My daughter Kyndra just asked me today to eat some snow. lol :)

Danae said...

I LOVE snowcream, but we don't usually get enough snow here in Oklahoma to get to really have some! :(

Mary said...

Yum for snowcream! That's the only reason I like snow. And, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be the best mom you can be. Elliot has nothing to worry about. :)

x Jen said...

do you literally eat the snow from outside?! How funny!! (where I live we've never had snow).

I love your new stroller.. so great you got it. You deserve it. x

Nicole said...

You will be the best mom ever to that little boy of your's! Keep up the good work Kristen (:


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