Monday, April 19, 2010

23 Weeks!

Hi Stevie,
We spent this weekend in Chicago for my old college roommate, Irene's wedding. Dad and I drove down with Marissa and her husband Jon and had a great time! It was so great to see all my best girlfriends; they are all SO excited to meet you this August! You're going to love them all!

You are turning out to be one very active little girl! Since I started feeling you kicking last week, it's only gotten more frequent and more intense--I love it! You usually start dancing around whenever I lay down (especially at night) or right after I eat something (especially something nice and spicy). I can't believe how strong you're getting! Dad loves feeling you move around too. He's always poking and prodding at my belly, trying to get you to wake up :).

Here are a few pictures of this weekend for you:

The girls in windy Chicago. Emily, Nora, Jaime, Lisa, Lisa (Myrmel), Claire, Jenny, Me, and Marissa

Dad and I (and you!)

You and I with the beautiful bride!

23 weeks

I can't believe you're going to be here in less than 4 months! Time is just flying by. I get more and more excited for August everyday. Love you so much already!



leannenannette said...

How fun to get to see all of your best friends again! And to be there for your college roommate's wedding! My roomie is getting married this summer. I'm sad that she won't be my roommate anymore!

I didn't realize your husband was so much taller than you!

Kristin said...

We all graduated 3 years ago and are all still as close as ever! :)

Yeah, Andy is a giant! He's 6'10 (and I'm 5'6). Our baby is going to be huge! :)

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