Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Dear Stevie,

Happy Easter, and happy 21 weeks!

Your first Easter was a great one. This whole weekend was full of family, food, fun, sunshine, and of course lots and lots of candy! Hope you've been enjoying all the sugar I've been sending down your way the last couple days! :)

Easter is all about hope, fresh starts, and new life--and I couldn't help but keep thinking about you all day and how you are really bringing all these things into our lives. A brand new chapter in our lives is about to begin, and I am so incredibly excited to see where it takes us.

I'm exhausted, so I'll just let the pictures of this weekend speak for themselves.

Watching Dad's cousin Jeff fly kites in the backyard

Auntie Katie with her amazingly adorable sunflower cupcakes (you are going to have the coolest birthday cakes thanks to her!)

Check out those awesome lady bugs...your mama made those!

Look at that belly popping out!

Dad enjoying the perfect spring weather (I hope you get those freckles!)

You're already so loved...and so spoiled! Easter presents from the Cooks

You're already getting mail! Aunt Jaime's mom sent you the cutest handmade sweet!

21 weeks today (after a great Easter meal with Grandma and Grandpa Ziemke, Uncle Brandon, and my Aunt Jan and Uncle Scott)

You and I are both growing like crazy these days!

I'm already swelling up...check out how tight my ring has gotten. I'm a bit scared for July!

We love you so much baby!



leannenannette said...

It looks like you had a beautiful Easter! I know I keep saying this, but your belly is absolutely adorable. :) And your ring is gorgeous!

Oh, and those cupcakes are soooo cute! She is very talented!

leannenannette said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have a blogging award for you over at my site!

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