Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the air...

Dear Elliot,
You can literally feel it in the air. Change. It's everywhere.

This weekend it was in the upper 60's and sunny. We 'sprung forward' an hour last night. Birds have begun waking me up with their singing every morning. Neighbors we haven't seen since October have come out of hibernation to sit out on their decks, and Target has swim suits on display and no less than four entire aisles dedicated to Easter candy. Spring is coming. The season's are changing.

And it's not just the weather. In no less than 12 days (maybe sooner!), my life is about to change in a huge way. The sense of anticipation I'm feeling is simply overwhelming.

I feel like I've been stuck in winter for the last almost two years, and my spring is finally coming. The timing of your upcoming birth couldn't feel more more perfect. More right.

So this weekend we put the house cleaning we really should get done aside and just basked in the feeling of Spring, of change, in the air...

Family photo

Got lots of walking in!

Wet dogs = happy dogs

After giving the girls their spring shave-downs...

First deck time in months

My little sun-bathing buddy :)

My view

So as far as baby news goes, as of Friday I was dialated to 3cm (at just over 37 weeks) and had a 'very favorable cervix.' If anything, it's nice knowing those are 3 centimeters I don't have to get through once I'm actually in labor! :) I'm not going to lie--I'm having a really hard time now that we're so close. I am terrified of something going wrong in there when I know you'd be just fine on the outside. While my doctor understands my fears, she doesn't want to induce when we have 'every indication' that you are doing 'wonderfully' and still cooking. And I really want to hold out a while longer, too, but like I said, I'm also really scared. 

My doctor said she will try stripping my membranes if I want her to at my next appointment (Friday, when I'll be just over 38 weeks), and I think I am going to let her. If you don't come on your own before the following Friday (3/23) at 6am, that's when we'll induce. I've been doing everything I can think of to keep things progressing--tons of walking, lots of bouncing on my birth ball, etc--we'll see if any of it helps! My hope is that I go into labor on my own before next Friday, but it's really nice to have an end date in place that I can hang onto when I start to worry and freak out. In 12 days, you'll be in my arms. 12 days. I think I can do it. 

Here are a couple belly pics from this weekend (37w3d). I'm not sure how much more stretching my poor belly can take! I have no idea how I don't have any stretch marks with how stretched out I feel. Watch them all pop up in the next 12 days :)

I swear the fact that my sports bra matches my sweat pants is purely accidental, ha

This is my 'hurry up and take the picture, I feel like a whale' face :)

I can't wait for all the ways my life is about to change. I am so ready for a fresh start.

I love you so much,



Our family said...

I'm sure you have already searched the internet for ways to naturally bring on labor ... but just incase check out these ideas:

Katy said...

This is a very touching post.I am so happy that your Spring is dawning and I wish you every bit of happiness it brings to you.

Facets of Life said...

So awesome! You are too precious! Love the baby belly pics... I sure wish I had done that with my pregnancy with Matthew ~ great memories for you to cherish and for your sweet little one to look at one day! xoxo!

Amy L. said...

Beautiful post, beautiful belly. I'm full of anticipation for you and send much love and peace for the next several days...

Jessica said...

Lovely post! I have been enjoying the spring too and feel like Logan is coming at the perfect time after years of loss. You are a beautiful, beautiful pregnant momma!! <3 Can't wait to "meet" Elliot! <3

Shan said...

You don't look like a whale!

I had my membranes stripped with my son. It hurt like a mofo. The thing is, if someone had given me the heads up, I could have prepared myself. I know of some women who said it didn't hurt at all (I'm thinking they were more dilated than I was... I was in the 1-1.5 range), so maybe it won't hurt you either. But it's a good time to practice those relaxation techniques you've been learning either way.

Hugs! :+)

Jaime said...

Your spring is finally coming... I love it!

I had my membranes stripped with 3 of my babes and it was uncomfortable. Be prepared for some spotting and cramping and general discomfort if you have it done. To be honest, I am not sure that it actually did anything to help move my babes along any faster but the peace of mind that it 'may' help was enough for me!

x <3 o

Holly said...

So close! I'm so excited for your day to come to meet him!

Hope's Mama said...

So close! You look adorable. I'm glad your body is gearing up in all the right ways. My cervix never played nice!!

Elle's mommy said...

Love that beautiful! Praying for health and safety for you and your little man...


What's Up Wagner said...

Good luck Kristen!!!!

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