Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy days of summer

Dear Elliot,
Summer is officially here and we've been having so much fun together. I am absolutely loving having all this time to just hang out and get to know you. Time is going so, so fast and I feel super behind on documenting everything. I never want to forget a single moment of these long and lazy summer days.

I've been trying to take you out on some sort of adventure everyday so you (and probably more importantly at this point, I) don't feel trapped in the house. Thankfully you are a really relaxed, 'go with the flow' kind of baby who really enjoys car rides, to its been really easy to spend a lot of time out and about.

My new favorite thing to do with you is BYOB (bring your own baby) yoga at Blooma. We've been going almost every day for the last week or so and it is such a blast! You love it, and its a nice little workout for me too (doing squats while lifting a 16-pound baby up and down is no easy task!)

Exhausted after a good workout

Me and my goofy boy ready for our yoga date :)

Fellow baby yogis-cousin Maddie and friend June

Catching a ride in bridge pose :)

We also went swimming for the first time the other night and you loved it. You are a big fan of baths, but I wasn't sure how you were going to react to the colder water. Well it didn't bother you at all. You had such a great time kicking and splashing around in the pool and were all smiles when Dad was lifting you in and out of the water. I am excited to see what you think about the beach next!

Already picking up cute chicks at the pool, thatta boy! ;)

We've had a couple ridiculously humid days where its just too gross to be outside, so we've gone and walked around the Mall of America. You really enjoy sitting face-out in your carrier and just looking at all the new colors, lights, and people. You are such an inquisitive little boy, always very focused and alert, soaking up the world around you. Earlier this week we met up with Auntie Jersa for yogurt and shopping and you seemed to have a great time. You are really the most content when you have lots of unfamiliar things to look at and study and I love that about you.

Snoozing in your carrier after an afternoon of window shopping :)

You also really love laying outside. Especially in the evenings when it gets a little cooler. The breeze on your face seems to really delight you because you are extra smiley and happy whenever you're out getting fresh air.

And of course there have been lots and lots of naps this summer. Glorious, long, cuddle-filled naps. 

These are the days, they really are. 

I love you so much, baby boy. But do your mom a favor and stop growing up so fast! :)


PS. I feel like I need to apologize for my last post (which I removed yesterday morning). The story that I was asking for prayers for turned out to be an elaborate hoax. None of it was true; just a very sick cry for attention I guess. I became suspicious of the whole thing shortly after posting about it, but didn't want to call anyone out in case I was wrong. I feel like an idiot for being duped, but you know what, in the end all that person got out of me was some undue sympathy, and my son got lots of extra kisses and lovin', didn't turn out all bad I guess. I'm sorry for getting people upset over nothing. This is exactly why I'm usually more careful about sharing stories like that; this one just pulled at my heart strings because of how similar it was to my own. Anyway, I apologize and hope you all aren't too mad at me. XO


Beth said...

This is so beautiful and happy, Kristin. Love love LOVE! :)

Veronica said...

Your kid is spectacular! So darn cute - more and more each time you post!
1) I don't know if I've ever posted, so hi (I'm coming out of the wood work these days and finally getting chatty on the blogs I've been following since my son passed away... Maybe I'll email one day)
2) are you wearing a >2< piece!?! Congrats!
3) don't feel bad about your post the other day.... I actually went over to that blog b/c of you, and checked it out. At first, I was mortified. The story was so heartbreaking... But as the updates continued, I grew suspicious - it just felt off. I'm new to this community (my son died in late Feb this year) but I couldn't think of anyone ever making this up!! I read her back story, and her "right where I am" and her dates of loss vs second conception vs new baby were off. My instinct was to ask about her calculations... But I just left it. And then yesterday night her blog was down and the wool was pulled back. Truth is that woman has a problem, and I do not judge. A lot of prayers and love were sent into the universe b/c of her ... And there's nothing wrong in the fact that there isn't actually another lost child and another set of bereaved parents.
You've got a heart of gold. Don't change <3

Brianna said...

I love all the pictures and am so jealous that I didn't try to do all the adventures that you are doing when my rainbow was that young.

And do not apologize for yesterday's post. I went over, read her posts and my heart went out to her. I cried tears when she posted that her rainbow died. I find it incredibly hard to understand why someone would make this up, but it is in no fault yours to apologize for.

jesstaylor said...

love your pics and everything that you are doing with Elliot!! I have been following your blog since we lost our son Jonah (he was our second child, we have a 3 1/2 year old, Blake, and we lost Jonah at 33 weeks due to a cord accident), We are now starting to try for our rainbow. we were told to wait a year since I've had 2 csections. i am so happy for you and love reading your posts and seeing your pics!!! I also started reading about the post you talked about yesterday and was very upset to find out it was a hoax......who does that stuff????? I cried when I read her stories. It really sucks that no one knew until it was too late!!
So now we are in the process of trying again...... hopefully it doesn't take too long!! But we are nervous none the less!! Your story gives us hope and everything you've done gives us hope!!!! xoxo

Tia L said...

Hi there. Thanx for posting about your earlier post. I was so saddened by the story and actually came back today to see how her baby was but noticed it had been taken down. I simply cannot understand why someone would make up such a story. I lost my son Brody in August of 2011. I have been following your blog ever since. You have inspired nearly everything that I do for him. My blog included. When I learned you were pregnant with Elliot, it gave me hope that I too could find the strength to give my son a brother or sister too. I just want to thank you for everything that you do, from the bottom of my heart. :)

Jessica said...

It's easy to feel bad for people who have posts such as those because we know that pain - it's sick that there are fakes and SO not your fault! Love this post - he's such a cutie!!

Shan said...

After all those photos, who could be mad?! Seriously, though, it was a heartbreaking story. Glad it's not true.

Valerie said...

Looks like y'all are having a great summer so far! I just love the snuggly pictures you get of the two of y'all. So cute!

Kim said...

LOVE the yoga with babies class, too cute! I love yoga:) Cute pictures, sounds like you have so much fun! You are such a good mommy!

Jaclyn said...

I'm so glad you and your adorable son are doing well! Don't worry - we would never be mad at you for the link. I just hope that sick person gets the help they need if it was done for attention or eventually gets caught for another crime if it was done to try to solicit donations.

Hannah Rose said...

You look so beautiful, radiant, and just plain happy. :) It's good to see.

And yes, I was duped into thinking that blog was real too.

Casie said...

Wow, I'm SO glad that story was a hoax. Right after I read it, I took my 16 month old daughter on a road trip. I was SUPER careful in traffic the whole time because of the blog post I had just read. I guess the good part of this was that I became a safer driver because of the hoax post.

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