Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 weeks

Dear Elliot,
I decided I am going to start making a little Instagram collage for each week. That way I can make a sweet photo book with one page for each week to document your first year :)

We had a really fun, really busy week last week. You went to your first Twins baseball game and your first bluegrass concert. You also enjoyed your first walk around Lake Calhoun, your first time laying outside on the grass, and you got your first pair of sunglasses! We had something going on every day last week, and by the time it was over, you were exhausted!

I can't believe you're already in the double-digits! You are quickly losing your newborn look and turning into such a fun, unique little person. It is absolutely amazing to see you change and grow and develop day by day.

Here's a little video of you smiling for your mama. Please excuse my dorky baby talk--I'll gladly make a fool of myself if it gets this fun of a reaction! ;)

Thanks for another wonderful, crazy, tiring, fun, amazing week, Baby Boy. I love you so very much.



Jessica said...

love the collage and video - he's such a sweetheart!

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