Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work it Wednesdays: overalls edition

Dear Readers,
Is it really already Wednesday already?! Well okay then. Time for another peek into the exciting world of infant boy's fashion :)

So I love overalls. Like I am super sad they are no longer cool for adults to wear. I have a pair of Old Navy 'ralls safely tucked away in the back of my closet and am anxiously awaiting the day when they become acceptable to wear again. It will be a glorious day. Even better if the one-strap-down look makes a comeback as well!

Anyway, thankfully overalls never went out of style for babies. I'm not a big fan of overalls with matching shirts underneath (just a bit dorky for my stylin' guy you know!), but I am obsessed with them on their own for summertime. Totally reminds me of Little Rascals or something.

Here is Elliot in a couple of my favorite pairs:

These Oshkosh overalls were a gift from my good friend Lisa. They are seriously so cute I am going to buy them in a size that fill fit him into the fall and winter too. I mean really, how adorable is he in them??

These Gymboree shortalls are so great for summer. I think they came with a matching shirt, but like I said, I much prefer this look :) Because he's so cute in them, here's a couple more pictures:

And just for fun, here he is in some little Kermit shortalls from his Uncle Brandon (my little brother), taken a couple weeks ago. I'm not usually a fan of characters on clothing, but when its the Muppets you can't really go wrong :)

I looked around to see if I could find a picture of myself in overalls, but this was the closest I could find:

Elliot, I solomnly swear to never humiliate you like this! Hahaha...

So, Mamas, what cute things do you have your little ones in these days? If I started adding a link-up thingy to these fashion show posts, would anyone be interested in sharing your favorite clothing finds? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great rest of the week,


CourtneyAnna said...

Sully has been rockin' plaid shorts & solid shirts lately. He has little Keens that he wears with them & he's kind of a stud. :)

jersadee said...

Pretty sure we have a camp pic of us in overalls...

Amy said...

Overalls are my favorite too!

Valerie said...

I love overalls too. And rompers. And anything smocked!

Elle's mommy said...

I love every picture of him...what a handsome little dude! Also, he looks sooo much like your husband in that first picture! I have only seen a few pics of him but when I saw that I thought wow he looks like his daddy! Great post, I love the fashion updates...they will come in handy when our time comes!


Kelley and Chris said...

Baby boy crop pants from H&M and wife beaters in various!!

beartifix said...

I'm in the same boat as you - hate the conventional boy clothes - so I've been putting extra effort when it comes to my baby boy's warderobe. I was told he was one of the best-dressed babies at his daycare center. I've been pondering about doing blog posts where I have him just modeling his little outfits, so it was nice to see you doing it. You should do a link-up thingy so we can all share and inspire each other. :)

Caroline said...

I love overalls especially on kids. So cute !!

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