Monday, June 25, 2012

New things

Dear Elliot,
First of all, I need to thank you big-time for being such an awesome little sleeper lately. You've been going down between 8:30 and 9:00 and sleeping until 4 or 5, nursing for 15 minutes, and going right back to sleep until around 7 (sometimes later). I'm not even sure what to do with all this me-time I have in the evenings--use it to catch up on blogging I guess! :)

You are turning into such a little boy. You were sitting up and playing on my tummy this morning and I had to ask you, "did you grow in your sleep last night?!" I swear you wake up every morning bigger and stronger and more and more adorable.

You're doing so many new things lately. It's so amazing to watch you figure out the world and how you fit into it. I've seen you go from this tiny little being who basically eats, sleeps, and poops, to this vibrant little person with likes and dislikes, needs of his own, who is learning how to communicate with the people around him. I love it so much.

Here are a few of the new things you are doing as a three month old:

Expressing yourself. Back in your days as a newborn, you basically had five facial expressions: sleepy, hungry, angry, content, and 'I'm pooping right now.' Now, you are becoming so much more expressive. New faces come out every day as you mimic the looks the people around you make. You even have a variety of smiles these days. Flirty, shy, proud, absolutely delighted, silly, and the list goes on. You have a confused look, a bored look, a frustrated look, a 'I think you are really weird and silly' look. So many distinct expressions for such a young little human!

Our matching 'enough pictures!' faces :)

Lifting your head up/getting stronger. I can't believe how well you can hold yourself (and your big old head) up! Must be all that yoga ;). You also love to stand. There are many times you get super fussy and all that's wrong is that you want to get up and stand. I can now set you down in your Bumbo chair and you can sit upright with your head up for such a long time. You still don't really enjoy tummy time, but when you are forced into it, you try so hard to push yourself around. Still no interest in rolling over, but you just want to be able to crawl so badly!

Playing with toys. You were completely uninterested in your toys until about a week ago. Now you love to put them in your mouth and grab at them. It's super cute because you are still pretty uncoordinated and have to try so hard to get your hands to do what you want them to. So oftentimes this results in you bopping yourself in the face. 

Teething. Not gonna lie, this new thing of yours really sucks! You are drooling all over the place and have to have something in your mouth at all times (your fists, my fingers, your toys, your blankets, etc). I didn't even know a three-month could be teething already, but apparently it can take months for an actual tooth to pop through. My poor sweet boy.

Talking. Okay, you're not so advanced that you're actually saying words yet, but you are definitely trying to! There are times you look like you are seriously trying so hard to tell me something. I need to get a video of it. You do a lot of 'whhoooo!' (think an owl sound), 'mahh' (think 'ba' like a sheep but with an 'm'), and 'gah.' I love our little conversations (but sometimes I wish I knew what we were talking about!)

You are such a great baby, Elliot. I just love watching you grow.

All my love,


Jessica said...

i love my talks with Logan too LOL - love love love that 4th pic with Sophie LOL too funny!!

Caroline said...

Love all the wonderful pics & growing so fast. They do believe way too fast.

Kim said...

Oh he is so stinkin' adorable!! What cute little expressions he has:)

Hope's Mama said...

Promise you, it keeps getting better and better!

debbie said...

It does keep getting better. The first time I heard mine say "Mommy" I melted in to a little Debbie puddle on the floor. I'm excited for you.

Ashley said...

My little one started teething around the same time. Hyland's teething tablets work wonders, they cut down on the drool and swelling and they're homeopathic. He has some super cute faces, I think he may be one of the cutest.

Keegan said...

He is so adorable!!! For tummy time, try laying on the floor on your back and having him lay on you and baby wearing counts too!

Sophie is the BEST teether! Even at almost 2 my son loves her! Whole Foods makes a great herbal teething gel called Camelia you can have him suck from the individual clear tubes or rub it on his gums. Teeth can take months to come in and he will be hurting. Freezing a terry cloth washcloth and letting him suck on it helps too.


The Griegers said...

He is seriously one of the cutest babies Ive ever seen! Love the faces!

Hannah Rose said...

LOL to that picture of you two ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love your blog!

Crystal said...

Ohhh, he is TOO flippin' cute!!! :-)

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