Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First family vacation

Dear Elliot,
Last Friday morning we loaded up the car, dropped the dogs off at my parents' house, and headed up north for our first family vacation. You did so well and had a really fun time spending time with the Cook side of the family.

I was a bit nervous about how you were going to handle being in the car for 6 hours (each way), but aside from a 2-hour traffic jam from hell on the way home (more on that later), you did awesome. You pretty much just slept whenever we were driving, and were super happy and smiley whenever we stopped for breaks.

"You mean to tell me I'm going to be in this car for 6 HOURS today??"

Lunch in Duluth

Content in the car

Super cute video of you being all around adorable at a Mcdonalds stop :)

The drive up north was beautiful. The farthest I have been is Duluth, so Dad was really excited to show me some of his favorite parts of the state.

We stayed in cabins in a tiny little town about 20 miles south of Grand Marais called Schroeder. We shared a cabin with Aunt Jaime, Uncle Ben and your cousin Maddie. It worked out well having a 'baby cabin' and the two of you managed to avoid waking each other up even once! Thank goodness for two easy babies, right? :)

You slept really well at night, especially considering you were in a new strange place. You did, however, manage to charm your way into a couple of extra late bedtimes and skip a couple of naps altogether because you just couldn't bear to miss out on any of the fun.

Hanging out way past your bedtime in the big kids cabin :)

"Pretend you didn't see that yawn. I swear I'm not tired!"

This is how you look when you don't want to sleep--pretty hard to argue with that smile!

"Does this look like a tired face to you, Mom?"

Eventually sleep won :)

We got to spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air. It was nasty hot and humid in the cities the week before we left (like 100+ degrees!) so temps in the upper 70's felt absolutely amazing. You are so happy being outside--just very calm and relaxed. Our cabins were right on the lake (Lake Superior) and the view down at the little beach was perfection.

Dad going for an evening swim

You and Aunt Jaime

Chillin with Grandma

Getting some love from Mom

That Grandma sure loves you!

Cousin #2 in the making!

 Walking to the beach with Aunt Katie
 The fam

We even took a little hike to see a waterfall, but you were out cold in your new Baby Hawk carrier the whole time :)

We also drove up to Grand Marais a couple times. Man, that town is gorgeous! The first time we drove up, it was just me and you and Dad. We spent a couple hours sitting by the lake and you seemed to really enjoy just relaxing in the shade and watching all the people walking by. Multiple strangers stopped to tell us how cute you are, which is always fun to hear (not that I don't already know it, though!)

When we came back with the rest of the family the next morning, we did more exploring and you had a great time playing in the water with Dad.

It was really great to get out of town and spend a few days with the family. Vacations are definitely different (and involve a lot more work!) with a 3-month old tagging along, but so, so wonderful. I absolutely love seeing you having fun and experiencing new things. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy (yeah yeah, so cliche but its true!)

Anyway, we were sad to see the trip end...even sadder when the ending involved quite possibly the worst traffic back-up I've ever been in on our way home:

I just have to say, being stuck in stop and go (mostly stop) traffic with a hungry baby who likes the car only when its moving is really freaking awful. I was more stressed out in those two hours and seven minutes of traffic than I have been since you were born. And you cried more minutes in those two hours and seven minutes than you have in your entire life combined! It was just not a good time. There's nothing worse than hearing your kid scream and not be able to do anything to make it better. My heart was breaking and I was sure you were going to hate me for it. But of course as soon as we finally got out of the car, you have me one of your adorable little grins, and I knew you forgave me :)

I am looking forward to many, many more family vacations to come, little E. 

We love you so much!



Emily said...

We got stuck in a traffic jam for two hours on our way home from visiting family for the first time with Kaia back in December. She was almost 6 months old (4 months corrected) at the time. She didn't scream (too much), but I ended up having to get in the back of our van with her and eventually had to take her out of her car seat (traffic was at a standstill so I didn't think we were being too risky) and change her diaper and feed her. It wasn't pleasant. Traffic jams are the worst. Good job on getting through your first one with a kid in the back seat. Sounds like you had an awesome time otherwise.

Ausmerican Housewife said...

The look on Andy's face at the end of that clip is priceless.

Jessica said...

sorry for the awful traffic but glad the trip went well :)

Breanna Lind said...

I never comment, but I follow your blog on my google reader. Just had to pop in a comment that you look AMAZING 14 weeks post baby. :) And so does Elliot!

Yesenia said...

Looks like a fun trip. I know you Have written about how tall your hubby is but wow! You look so petite standing next to him. Eliot is sure going to be a big boy!

Crystal said...

I love the pictures! It looks like ya'll had a fabulous vacation! :-)

The Griegers said...

That smile! Oh he is just adorable! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Jessica Gomez said...

Excellent job on getting through your first one with a kid in the returning chair. Appears to be like you had an amazing time otherwise.
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