Saturday, July 21, 2012

More new things

Dear Elliot,
The last month you have been growing and changing and developing so quickly--it's impossible to keep up with you! I have to say, I think month four (you turn four months old on Monday!) has been the most fun so far. You are just so happy and engaging and an absolute joy to have in our lives. And funny. So, so funny. You make me laugh out loud like a million times a day.

I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, but one night its like you went to bed an infant and woke up a little boy. You hold your head up all the time now and love to stand, sit (with hardly any help), and roll around (most of the time you still get stuck in the process though!). 

Standing with just a little help from Dad

About to roll over 

You also love to talk. I mean you are just babbling away constantly these days. It is so much fun to listen to you as you experiment with different sounds, volumes, and expressions. You say 'mmaaahh' a lot and I swear it almost sounds like "mom" sometimes. I'm pretty sure the day you actually say it my heart is going to literally explode with happiness. In the last couple days, you've also started getting really upset if we don't respond or talk back to you. There have been a few times where I forget to say "oh yeah?" or "you don't say!" as you're talking to me and you start to get louder, almost like you're yelling, "hello Mom! Listen to me!" It's hilarious and adorable.

 Talking up a storm

Getting all worked up :)

We've been spending more and more time with other babies (and their mamas) and it has been so much fun. I think you really enjoy being around your little buddies. You're a very social little guy and I'm super excited for you to get to the point where you're able to actually 'play' with other kids (not just, you know, stare at them and try to eat their hands, ha!)

You and your BFF Hunter at the Children's Museum this week

Holding hands at the beach (so freaking cute!)

Picnicing with Hunter and girlfriend Junie :)

Hiking around Minnehaha Falls with your friends

We got to hang out with a new friend, Oskar, this week too, and I'm super mad at myself for forgetting to take a picture of you two wearing the exact same onesie. Such fashionable boys :)

In addition to loving hanging out with other babies, you're also pretty fascinated with the cute little baby you see when you look in the mirror. There is seriously nothing cuter than watching you flirt with and smile at your reflection. I'm now on the hunt for a big baby-safe mirror that I can prop up on the floor at home--anyone out there have any suggestions on where to find one??

Another new skill you're working on mastering these days is reaching and grabbing for, well, everything. Before you'd play with toys if we handed them to you, but now you actively seek them out and get frustrated when you lose them. 

You also reach your arm out whenever you see something you would like to touch (so pretty much constantly whenever I'm carrying you around). It used to be easy for Dad and I to take you out to eat with us because you'd just sit on our laps and look around. Now, you sit on our laps and bat at our food the whole time! 

You've been super into your exersaucer the last couple weeks. I think you really like being in it because you can stand. You are getting so purposeful about grabbing at and playing with the toys attached to it and you will stay playing in it for like 15 minutes at a time (which may not sound like a long time, but is an eternity compared to your attention span with most activities!).

A video of you playing in your exersaucer (and a bonus puke shot at the end!)

And lastly, you are beginning to really enjoy reading books! You have no idea how excited about this I am. I've always loved to read (I was an English major after all!), and it makes me incredibly happy to share some of my favorite childhood stories with my son. You like to sit in my lap and help me turn the pages of your board books, and cuddle up and just sit and listen to your longer story books, too.

Future book worm

It's crazy and incredible how much you've grown in the last (almost) four months. I am so proud of you and love you more than words could ever say.

All my love,


Jessica said...

Yea :) he's great! Love the pics and the video! That pic before the video cracks me up :)

Lisa Sissons said...

Love seeing your photos and your happy updates after your sad loss. It does also make me sad in a way as my son was born the same day as Elliot and passed away three days later. Seeing photos of him is a bit of a reminder of what he should be doing right now, how big he'd be, etc. It does give me hope though that there can be a rainbow after the storm xo

Crystal said...

Love, love, love all the pictures!! He is growing so fast. As far as the mirror, they can be kinda pricey depending on what you want. When I was teaching, both toddlers and preschoolers, I bought most of my stuff through Kaplan ( and Discount School Supply ( I those those sites... they have the coolest stuff! :-)

I looked on there and are here are a couple links to some of the cheapest mirrors that they offer:

Paula said...

i love the picture of him reading the very hungry caterpillar! he looks so serious about it!

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