Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 months old!

Dear Elliot,
You turned five months old today--on my 27th birthday! Best gift ever!

You have grown and developed an absolutely incredible amount in the last month. You surprise me and Dad pretty much every single day by doing something totally new (and to us, totally exciting!) Most recently its been you all of a sudden trying to be super mobile. You've been kind of toying around with rolling around for a while, but a couple days ago it just clicked and now I can't keep you in one place! You are even trying to crawl! You get your butt up in the air and move around like a little worm. It's so cute. I was sure you were going to be a late crawler because you seemed so content to just hang out and chill, but now I'm thinking you are going to be on the move much sooner than I thought. Like any day now. I guess it's time to baby-proof the house!

I love looking back at your monthly pictures and seeing how you've grown. From a 11 pound, hard to prop up, little old man newborn, to a 19 pound, sitting up by himself, smiley little boy. At each month I swore you couldn't get any cuter, but you just keep getting more and more adorable!

As you're getting older and more and more curious, these pictures are getting harder and harder to take. I got about four shots in before you discovered the sticker on your onesie and it all went downhill from there :)

I remember my birthday one year ago today. I was almost nine weeks pregnant with you and sicker than sick, projectile vomiting Leann Chin all over the place (still can not/will not ever eat there again!), trying to imagine and believe that by my next birthday you'd be here, safe in my arms. I still can't believe my dream came true. That right now you're sleeping next to me, doing the sweet little snoring noise you do. Truly, the best gift in the world.

Happy five months, baby boy! I love you so much.



Ashley said...

He is so stinkin' cute!!!! Happy 5 months Elliot and Happy Birthday to you too Kristin!!

Andrea said...

What a doll! What a fun birthday for you! I love to watch Elliot grow-my little man is three days younger than Elliot and I love to see the same fun things you go through with Elliot that I go through at the same times with Eli! Have a wonderful birthday!

CourtneyAnna said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!! And Happy 5 months Elliot! Woo hoo! :-)

Jessica said...

What a precious boy! So handsome!

libra79 said...

He is extremely cute!!!He resembles you a lot :))
Happy Birthday Kristin and Happy happy 5 months Elliot!

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