Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy birthday to me...

Dear Readers,
So I turn 27 years old in a couple week. That sounds really old to me, like I've officially entered 'real adult' territory. I still get the pity stares, the "is he yours?" comments, and little old ladies patting me on the back and saying "your doing such a good job honey," so I'm pretty sure I still look sort of like a teen mom*, but no--I'm dangerously close to the big 3-0!

Anyway, for my birthday this year I am teaming up with my friend Tiffany to raise money for Faces of Loss by hosting a Stella and Dot online 'trunk show.' Tiffany lost her son Julius to SIDS almost two years ago, and I got to meet her last summer when she make a visit to Minneapolis. We now both have babies close to the same age (her daughter Juliana is 6 months old). She recently became a Stella and Dot stylist and came up with the idea for this fundraiser; 50% of the sales proceeds will go to Faces!

S&D has some super cute jewelry, but my favorite is their charm line. I can't wait to design a charm necklace that represents both of my babies (and I may even get the paw charm for my dog-babies too!) Here's Tiffany's as an example:

You can shop using this link and your purchase will go towards the Faces fundraiser:

Thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate the support!

Okay, I have another post I need to pump out before El wakes up so I'll be back shortly :)

Love you all!


*Random funny story: A few weeks ago I was at the beach with Elliot, and the lifeguard, who was maybe 18 years old was hanging around, kind of hitting on me. Finally I said, "well I need to feed him now," (hint hint--go away!), and he kept standing over us. So then I said, "Like breastfeed him." He got this shocked look on his face and mumbled something about how he hoped we enjoyed our day and  stumbled off. Pretty sure he thought I was the nanny!


AnotherDreamer said...

Wow, hahaha about the lifeguard story! 27 isn't that old ;) I'm 27 right now.

I remember telling DH when I turned 26, "I'm closer to 30 than 20 now!" and he said, "But, you'll always be closer to 30. You can't ever go back to 20 after all." Ha. Touche.

Have a great birthday!

Hope's Mama said...

27, so young~ I will be 33 in a few weeks, though I feel about 83!
Hope you have a beautiful birthday. I have such fond memories of turning 27 ~ I was at Oktoberfest! In Germany!

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