Thursday, August 9, 2012

First night away (freaking out!!)

Dear Elliot,
Tomorrow Dad and I are heading out of town for the night (to a friends' cabin) and you are going to have your first overnight with Grandma and Grandpa Ziemke. To say I am anxious about it would be the understatement of the century. I know you will have a great time being totally spoiled by your grandparents and your uncle Brandon, but I am going to miss you like crazy. You also don't really 'do bottles' (the last time I left you with your dad he had to resort to feeding you with the syringe from the baby tylenol!), so that has me feeling pretty nervous as well.

Anyway, I wrote up like three full pages of detailed instructions for my parents (apparently I have some of Grandma in me after all!):

Then I emailed Dad and asked him if he had anything he thought we should add. Here's what he sent:

"It looks more thorough than anything I could come up with, but you might add that he likes it when you:

  • Put your entire hand in this mouth and make goblin noises
  • Beatbox dubstep while doing a donald duck impression
  • Make him fly through the aie and make explosion noises when his feet touch the ground
  • Sing funk songs out of key
  • And also that he likes to chew on chip bags."
I laughed so hard I literally cried. What weird parents you have! I was thankful for the momentary break from freaking out about leaving you.

But...I'm back to freaking out now. 

I'm used to having my heart outside my body, but I'm not used to having it a two hour drive away from me! (sorry for the dramatics, but it's true!)

I love you so much and I already can't wait to pick you up Saturday afternoon.



rebecca said...

LOL, you guy are hilarious! I don't blame you for worrying, we haven't left Ian for an overnight either (mainly since we don't live near any family so we don't have anyone we'd trust that much around here). Hope it all goes smoothly & you guys have a wonderful relaxing time!

libra79 said...

When we left our 6 month-old daughter to my parents for a week, I was incredible anxious.
I called my mom several times every day and she said to me I never called her so often before :))It is very difficult but we must get used to leave our baby to someone.
Enjoy the night with your friends!

Erin said...

That cracked me up. Your hubby's additions are hilarious.

Hope all goes well.

And I just turned 27. And feel really old! Kind of depressing considering I once wanted to be DONE having kids by 30... and I don't even have one. Yikes.

Shan said...

Hoping you enjoy your trip, even though it will be stressful being away from E.

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