Sunday, March 7, 2010

17 Weeks

Hi Baby,
Happy 17 weeks! In the last week you've grown from the size of an avocado (yum) to the size of a turnip (not so yum). I've been growing a lot too!

Weeks pregnant: 17

Weight: I'd guess I'm up another pound or so

How I'm feeling: This week was really great. It's amazing how much better and energized I feel when the sun is shining and it's warm enough outside to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. We took the dogs on a walk everyday this week--I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or them! Now that my appetite is back in full force, I've been able to start eating healthier again (you know, less Cheezitz and Speghettios and more fruits and veggies). It feels so good to have "real" food back in my life again, like this amazing cheese, crackers, and apples plate we had the other night (don't worry, it's sparkling apple juice in those wine glasses!):

Or my epic breakfast this morning (eggs, venison breakfast sausage, cottage cheese, and fruit):

I am getting really excited to start feeling you kick and move around inside me. The doctor said since I have what they call an "anterior placenta" (basically meaning the placenta is located on top of you, right under my belly button, rather than behind you, and adds extra cushioning between the two of us), I probably won't feel anything until a couple weeks after most women do. Good thing I've got my home doppler to listen to your heartbeat if I ever need reassurance that you're still alive and growing in me! :)

Dad and the girls having fun on our wet walk this afternoon

My view :)

Well, both of the girls and dad are all passed out on the bed next to me. I think I might join them! Love you lots!



leannenannette said...

I know I keep saying this, but you look so cute! I love your baby bump. And you have a great view, too, when looking down. ;-)

I'm glad you are feeling better! Both of those plates of food look very yummy!

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