Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Baby!
I went shopping with my best friend from middle/high school, Jersa (you can call her Auntie Jersa or Auntie J!) last night and was able to resist buying most of the adorable baby stuff I saw, except for the cutest little bear onesie from a store called Grand Crazy (a store for grandparents). Here it is, the first official article of clothing I've bought for you:

Can totally be cute on a boy or a girl, right?

In other news, my stomach is growing at an almost alarming rate this week. Today your dad came home from work, took one look at my belly and said, "whoa, you're getting huge!" I swear it's already gotten noticeably bigger since the pictures I just put up on Sunday. I also swear it's not just fat--I've actually been eating pretty darn healthy for you! :)

Can you imagine what I'm gonna look like in August??

On Monday one of my coworkers brought me two gigantic bins full of maternity clothes. We're talking at least 20 pairs of pants/shorts, like 10 dresses, more shirts than I can count, and even a couple maternity swim suits! I'm totally set on maternity now. So awesome!

Alright, well dad just got his iPhone in the mail and so we're off to find him a completely indestructible case for it. We love you lots!



leannenannette said...

Haha, nice, supportive comment from your husband. ;-) You look so cute!

That was so nice of your coworker to give you all of those maternity clothes to use!

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