Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Bear Cub

Dear Baby,
I've heard a lot of nicknames parents-to-be have come up with for their unborn babies: bean, peanut, jelly bean, monkey, tater tot. You, sweet baby, are our little bear cub.

Me and dad have affectionately called each other "bear" since college. Dad was going to be gone for a couple weeks one summer, and I was sad he wouldn't be around to say his usual "goodnight babe" before bed every night. So he went to the mall and made me a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal that looked like him, complete with sagging jeans and boxer briefs, a backwards baseball cap, and a basketball. He even added a voice recording of himself, so every time I squeezed the bear I would hear him say "goodnight babe." I called the stuffed animal my Andy Bear, and eventually dad became my "real Andy Bear." Before long, he was just "Bear," and so was I.

Since then, we have always had a thing for bears:

I love picking up little bear things for you. The first book we bought for you is called "Bear Hug," and today I found this adorable hand-made bear hat online ( and couldn't resist buying it for you:

Your nursery is going to be bear-themed too! We're trying to decide between two collections. This one, from Amazon:

And this one, from Babies R Us:

For anyone else reading this, which one do you like better (they're about the same price)? I am getting so excited for you to get here! You are going to be the cutest little bear cub ever.

I love you,

PS. Okay, I think you need to have these bear paw slippers too:


leannenannette said...

Awww, I loved reading about the story behind the baby's nickname! How sweet that he made that bear for you.

I have a Xanga (blogging) friend that makes those bear hats, too! They are adorable!

I really like both of those bedding sets, but I think I like the second one better because it was much easier to spot the bear in it. And I think that bear looks cuter than the one above. :) But I like them both!

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