Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Big Day

Dear Baby,

First, and most importantly, today we found out that every little part of you is perfectly formed and healthy.

We also found out you're a little girl!!

You're just full of surprises, aren't you? :)

I haven't stopped smiling since the moment the Ultrasound Tech said, "it's definitely a girl!" I am going to have a daughter. Wow. You were moving around like crazy, even more than the last time we saw you. You were so squirmy it was hard for the Tech to get all your measurements taken. It appears you're a bit of an ADD little girl, just like your mama. You just did not want to sit still!

There you are on the screen!

And there you are in my tummy! :)

Tonight we went out to dinner with both sets of your grandparents and your Auntie Katie and Uncle Brandon to tell them the news. Everyone was so excited! Both my parents and Dad's parents came prepared with both girl presents and boy presents. I guess all the blue will be going back to the store!

Grandma Ziemke (my mom) with her "Grandma and Me" frame from the Cooks

Look at all your new stuff--you're already spoiled rotten! :)

Your grandmas, aunt, and uncle with the "baby girl" photo frames we gave them to announce the big news

I love that I am going to be (or already am really!) the mom of a beautiful little girl. Will you be more of a stubborn little tomboy like me? More of a girly girl? Somewhere in between? All I know is we're going to love you more than you can imagine, however you turn out to be!

I still think you have my nose :)

You were kicking your legs like crazy!

We love you so much Baby!



The Wessels said...

Hello! I'm a new blogging mommy and I wanted to let you know that I love your blog!! I hope you don't mind but I am now a follower of your lovely little blog too! My daughter, Leah, is almost 5 months old and I cannot tell you just how precious little girls are. Enjoy your pregnancy and your little girl!! Congrats!

leannenannette said...

YAY for a little girl! Congratulations! That had to be such a FUN day! That was so sweet of your families to bring gifts for both genders. :) And I love how you told them!

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