Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And in my hour of darkness...

Dear Stevie,
Look what I won from Carly's awesome giveaway last week. Aren't they beautiful?

The quote on the first image comes from the lyrics to 'Let it Be' by the Beatles. You can read about the significance of that song here. Basically, it's always been one of my very favorite songs, and since you died, I've listening to it about 239845978457 times. It's gotten me through some pretty rough patches. It just speaks to me.

Thanks, Carly, for these beautiful images. I love them.

Missing you tonight, baby.


PS. Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope has been featured in a couple of nice articles recently, if you're interested in checking them out. Awesome that people are putting a light on this issue! Here are the links:

Florida Sun-Sentinel
Cleveland Examiner
Valdosta Daily Times


rebecca said...

Wow, those are so incredibly beautiful! I also LOVE that song, I listened to it so much this past year! ((hugs))

Angie said...

Beautiful Butterflies! Carly is so amazing!

I am so proud of you Kristen! The articles are awesome, I'm so happy every time I read a new one.

Courtney said...

They turned out so perfect!
Thank you for sharing them with us <3

Amber said...

The articles are amazing!! I love the pictures as well!!!

croleyc69 said...

Beautiful everything !!


Jill said...

Amazing articles and such beautiful pictures!

Tiffany said...

how awesome!
you are doing big things, kristin! i know ms stevie is so proud of you!

elena said...

This is so beautiful!

Leanne said...

Beautiful pictures!

Leanne said...

What beautiful articles, too! I have tears in my eyes now.

Andrea said...

No one deserves to win this more that you Kristen. The images are absoulutely beautiful. Thinking of you always and sending hugs your way.

You continue to inspire me,

Holly said...

I love the photos!

Suzy said...

Stunning. Carly is such a special lady. So are you :) I love to see Faces of Loss featured all over the place now. You have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. I am just in awe (and a little jealous) xxx

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