Monday, December 12, 2011

24(ish) weeks

Dear Elliot,
On Friday we hit 24 weeks! Well, according to ultrasound measurements, you hit 24 weeks a while ago, but I guess I am just catching up :). I can tell from both my growing belly and your increasingly obvious movements, that you are getting bigger and stronger everyday. This week I've felt really, just happy. And excited. Might not last forever, but I'm running with it for now!

This weekend was also Dad's 27th birthday. On Saturday (his actual birthday), we had a nice, relaxing day hanging out with a couple of his best friends. I think I ate the worst I've ever eaten in my entire life that day, too. Donuts and cookies for breakfast, frozen pizza for lunch, and amazingly greasy (and awesome) chicken wings for dinner. Throw in a movie theater-sized box of Sweet Tarts, a few Mountain Dews, and half a block of cheddar cheese, and I was feeling quite gross by the end of the night! Please, Baby, don't think you're going to get to eat like this once you're on the outside!

Yesterday we celebrated Dad's birthday with the Cook side of the family. Dad shares a birthday with your Auntie Rachel, so we had a nice joint-party for the two of them:

Dad asked his parents for a record player about a month ago, and has literally not stopped talking about it since. Needless to say, he was pretty excited to finally have the thing in his hands. We spent the evening at home listening to the ever-growing stack of old records he's been collecting from thrift stores:

Dad decided this weekend that he is going to play, in its entirety, an album a night for you, so that you come out familiar with all the classics. His first pick was Pantera, since they are the band that he and his friend Elliot (the one you are named after) used to jam to all the time. He was pretty thrilled that you seemed to be a fan, jumping all over the place (even doing a somersault or two).

In between birthday stuff, I managed to complete a few more craft projects/gifts. I have been making these quote coasters and hanging wall tiles and am really happy with how they are turning out:

And thanks to a tutorial my friend Julie sent me, I also started making these 'tree of life' pendants and I am obsessed with them (like I am anything related to trees in general!):

Even your dad is getting in on the crafting. Last night he spent over an hour sewing patches onto a couple of his favorite pants with holes in them. Okay, so not really "crafting" per say, but I thought it was pretty cool to see him hunched over the sewing machine :)

Alright, little boy, I'll talk to you soon!

Love you so much,


Brie said...

Love to see your happiness! Run with it! Your projects are adorable, and tell your husband that REAL me husband knows his way around the sewing machine too. I plan on teaching my son the basics when he is old enough.

Curls O Fred said...

Oh yes, run with the happiness!! Loving the updates on your projects. And little Elliot.

Tiffany said...

you guys are the cutest. seriously!

Womb Raider said...

pantera is an excellent first choice! please tell me at some point there will be some maiden too?

Beth said...

love the photo of your hubby working with the sewing machine ... that is so cute. you really don't see that often with men. cool!! (:

Ausmerican Housewife said...

It's a lovely sight seeing a grown man hunched over a sewing machine. (And the oven, the stove, the dishwasher, the sink, the washer and dryer.....) ;) :D

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Gotta let the happiness any where we can find a crack of hope! Enjoy every moment while you can and hang on to these memories!

Leah G. said...

Would you be willing to post a link to the tree necklace tutorial? I have searched for awhile and have not found the right one.

Sincerely, a long time faithful blog reader ;)who loves your projects and your thoughts on loss and love ...and all you've done to help the baby loss community; as hard as it is to be part of...aka Leah G.

Leanne said...

You look so cute!! I love all your crafts! It's so fun to see them take shape. I like the picture of Andy sewing- definitely not a sight I was expecting to see!

Jessica said...

You look wonderful! Love all your crafts too <3

Lindsay said...

Hi Kristin!
I've been reading your blog for quite some time (ironic, since I started well before my two recent miscarriages). Aside from wanting to let you know I'm SO excited for your wonderful progress cookin' Baby E, I would LOVE to know if you have a link to a website that shows how to make those signs and coasters! I'm following you on Pinterest. :)

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