Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

Dear Elliot,
Merry (belated) Christmas, baby boy! Your first Christmas was pretty great. All weekend long I kept feeling you moving all over the place in my belly and would say to myself, "I don't care if I don't get any other gifts this year, this feeling, right here, is the best present of all."

Dad and I had a really nice time hanging out and relaxing with family all weekend. Tons of good food (being pregnant during holidays is the best!), movies, games, relatives, and awesome presents, all made for an excellent Christmas.

Me and Grandma (my mom)

After you, Dad might have gotten the biggest haul this year, as Grandpa (my dad)'s gift-giving theme this year was "an old fashioned thrift store Christmas." Dad ended up with speakers for his record player, a sweet Kitchen Aid mixer from the 60's, bike parts (I have no idea what they are called, but he seemed pretty excited), and a rabbit fur hat that he hasn't taken off since. I did pretty well too, with some much-needed maternity clothes from my mom (including a pair of maternity yoga pants that I am pretty sure I am going to live in until March), the newest Photoshop Elements, a Scentsy wax warmer knock-off (that I have to say is pretty awesome and I believe cost about half the price!), an electric toothbrush (I must be a real adult now that I ask for things like toothbrushes for Christmas!), and some awesome winter boots from my dad (from the thrift store, of course!)

Even though you couldn't open them yourself quite yet, you also got lots of presents this year. You are so loved by so many people already, you have no idea. Here are just a couple of my favorite things you got for your first Christmas:

Crib mattress from Grandma and Grandpa Cook. I can't tell you how much I loved seeing your name on presents under the tree!

Fleece blanket your Uncle Brandon (my little brother) made for you, all by himself :)

Okay, so this one is more for me I guess, but how cute is this Vera Bradely diaper bag from Grandma Cook??

The cutest hat I've ever seen, from Uncle Brandon and Grandma Ziemke 

Our car was packed to the brim with goodies! (and check out that fur hat Dad got--kind of matches yours!)

Christmas makes me miss your big sister terribly, but she wasn't forgotten. Grandma and Grandpa Cook even hung up a stocking for her and made a very generous donation to Faces of Loss in her name. I was really touched by that. 

On the pregnancy front, I am loving being the most pregnant I've ever been. I can tell you are getting bigger and stronger everyday, a) because my belly is getting HUGE, and b) because your movements are getting CRAZY. The other night you were going nuts over on my side, and Dad was a little freaked out at how he could actually feel specific body parts trying to crawl out of my skin. And one minute you'll be hanging out down low, and the next I'll feel your feet pushing off my ribs. Kind of crazy!

Here are a couple belly shots from yesterday (26.5 weeks):

My stomach is so stretched and tight that I finally had to take out my belly button ring. My belly looks so weird without it (and my belly button is seriously going to become an outie any day now!):

Dad and I are starting Hypnobabies childbirth classes next week and I am really excited. Aside from helping me have a positive delivery experience, I think the daily relaxation/self-hypnosis sessions you are required to do at home will really help keep my anxiety levels in-check during the next 11-12 weeks or so. We listened to the first relaxation track last night and had a wonderful time finding our 'safe, special places' :) I'll let you know how the classes go once we start!

Alright, Little E. I suppose it's time to get off the computer and start my ever-growing list of things to do that I've been putting off until "after Christmas." Today I think I will start doing some organizing in your nursery, which currently looks like an explosion of baby crap went off in the middle of the room:

Keep on growing, Elliot. We are so excited to meet you!

Love you,


Jessica said...

What a lovely post! SO glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure Stevie is watching out for you and Baby Elliot :) I LOVE your face in the pic with no belly ring ;) so cute! Love your pregnant belly too - you make on beautiful pregnant lady :)

Leanne said...

I can't tell you how many times I thought, "Oh how sweet" while reading this post. Lol. I thought that about Brandon making the blanket all by himself, the crib mattress and other gifts addressed to Elliot, your in-laws putting up the stocking and donating, etc. I love it all. And you are looking as cute as ever. So, did Linds convince you to do hypnobabies? ;-)

Shan said...

I'm with the other commenters. I loved this whole post.

I feel you on removing your piercing. I cried when I took mine out, but piercings can be replaced. (Totally not what I was thinking about in the moment, lol.)

Missy from Rochester said...

What a heartwarming post. Merry Christmas.

Holly said...

The VB baby bags are great! We have the old style one and I really like it. We don't use it as much now b/c we had to upgrade to a bigger bag for the sitter's but I still have it!

I hope that you belly ring area can survive pregnancy! Mine hasn't looked the same since but of course totally worth it!

Anonymous said...
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