Tuesday, December 6, 2011

These feet...

...are in my ribs!

Hi Elliot. We had our growth ultrasound this morning and I am so happy to report that everything is looking wonderful! You were measuring 24w4d at 23w3d (by EDD), and were kicking away like usual. The ultrasound tech was like, '"wow, he has some strong kicks!" Yeah, tell me about it! 

This was the first ultrasound where you were facing head-down, and we could see your gigantic feet kicking my ribs. I can't believe you're already that far up there. I will say the rib kicks are much more enjoyable than the crotch kicks I've gotten so accustomed to :)

We weren't able to get a good profile picture this time because you had your little hands crossed in front of your face the whole time. We tried poking and proding, and flipping over from side to side, and you just buried your face even further down and away. I could just imagine you thinking, "come on, guys, just leave me alone!" Hopefully next time we'll be able to get a good 3D picture of your cute little face.

The cord blood flow was looking good, which is always what I am the most concerned about. I hope that Lovenox shots continue to do their job, keeping you growing and healthy. 

The Perinatologist that came in and talked with us after the scan didn't recommend another level II ultrasound for eight weeks (when I'll be 32 weeks along). The original plan was to do the next one at 28 weeks, and he said I can still get one done then if I need to for peace of mind, but he doesn't see any indication that I need one that soon. I think I am still going to push for it anyway. After 32 weeks we'll also be starting weekly nonstress tests and biophysical profiles (where they can check that blood flow). I just have to make it through the holidays and then the crazy appointment schedule can begin!

Alright, Baby, I've gotta run. Sorry this is so quick and boring. Boring is good, though. I'll gladly take boring this time around!

Your dad and I love you so, so much.



Jacque Smith said...

Aww it is like his first foot print

crystal said...

So glad to hear the good news about everything being okay!!! I know that it is so stressful on you. I was the same way after losing my first child. When I got pregnant again, I worried myself to death over every little thing. Praying that everything continues to go great for you!!!

Jessica said...

So glad to hear everything is going wonderful! Can't wait to "meet" baby E - wish we lived close as our boys will be so close in age! <3

Beth said...

awww ... so cute. (:

Shan said...

I might have LOL'd at your idea of boring. So happy that all went well.

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