Friday, February 10, 2012

33 weeks!

Dear Elliot,
We had your 33-week ultrasound and NST yesterday and you scored another perfect 10/10. Way to go, Son! Maybe you are already a little overachiever like your mama? :) We didn't get any pictures this time, but it is definitely looking like you are running out of room in there! Here's a view from the outside:

I feel like I can finally say we are in the 'home stretch.' About 6 weeks left, give or take. I get to stop taking the Lovenox injections at 36 weeks, so when these last few boxes of shots are gone, that's it! The countdown has begun!

Of course doing these shots has been totally, totally worth every bruise, but they are becoming quite painful as I run out of skin around my belly to stick the needles into!

Want to know another painful thing I've been dealing with lately? Acid reflux. OH my GOSH, I have never had heartburn or reflux before and I seriously thought I was going to die when it started up last week. It didn't matter what I ate, everything made me miserable. I think it's finally under control for now, thanks to Zantac (I know, I know, medicine while pregnant is bad, but my doctor told me to take it!), and baking soda. You know you're pregnant when the only 'shot' you take before bed consists of baking soda and water in a Las Vegas shot glass. Bottoms up!

Well, time for lunch and a bath. Keep on cookin' baby! I love you so much.


PS. Thanks to a super creepy anonymous commenter (if you're reading this, please go away!), I am going to be getting rid of the anonymous comments feature on this blog. Just a head's up that you'll have to have a blogger/google account from now on to comment. Sorry!

PPS. a HUGE thank you to everyone who has emailed me a picture/message for Elliot's 'Who Loves Baby' book that I am making. I have been meaning to respond to each email, but have fallen way behind. But seriously, this is going to be so awesome! There are still a few weeks left to be included if you want to be; here's the link to the original post. Thanks again!


Beth said...

curious ... talking about comments ... which option do you pick to get rid of weird comments? why i ask i keep getting spam ... but i want to be sure not to rule out the good comments. i'm new to blogger so i'm still figure out things. glad to hear all is going well & smoothly. still keeping you in my prayers. wish you all the best. (:

Jessica said...

You're belly is SO cute! It almost looks like you have a fake belly strapped on (from the picture) even though I KNOW it's not - it's just SOOOO round LOL! Glad the book is going well and YEA for shots almost being done!! You're SO close - I mean I feel close but I'm 3 weeks behind you so you are REALLY close!!! SO EXCITING!!

Mary said...

Love the beach ball belly! Only a few more weeks left. I'm so excited for you!

Amie said...

I have never seen such a perfectly round belly! Adorable :)

Amy L. said...

Wow, it's so hard to believe baby's going to be here so soon! I had a bad experience with an anonymous commenter earlier this week, too, and had to restrict the commenting function.

Katy said...

It looks like you stuffed a beach ball under your skin!!!! That is the most perfectly rounded pregnant belly I have ever seen. Absolutely adorable! I cannot wait to see the posts when you are holding your dear Elliot in your arms.

Nicole said...

Perfect round belly Kristen!!!!!!

Zantac said...

I have used zantac when I have stomach episodes, but thankfully, I have not had one in a year. I will try one and check my itchy level.

Melissa @ Honeybee Vintage said...

Oh my gosh the heartburn with my last pregnancy (also a boy) was SO INSANE! I literally thought my throat was disolving in acid or something. I read that laying on your right side while sleeping helps and I did notice a difference. If you lay on your left side, your stomach acid can come back up into your throat. Also, I had to sleep elevated towards the end of my pregnancy and a large wedge pillow really helped. So happy for you that you are closer to meeting your little man:)

amygigs said...

I saw you and your hubby on TV last night. I was randomly channel surfing and came across House Hunters in Mpls and there you were during the last 5 minutes of a sweet couple getting their first house. How fun!

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