Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 32

Dear Elliot,
Has it really been eight months already?? Okay, I guess it is starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever, but when we hit 32 weeks last week, and I realized that meant eight months in preggo speak, I almost couldn't believe it!

The belly at 32w3d

My goal is to be pretty much done and ready with your room and all the 'stuff' we need by 36 weeks so I can really just focus on preparing for delivery. We are really getting close, and it feels awesome. Picking things up along the way whenever I'd see a good deal really helped, and now that I've had a shower, we really have almost everything we need. 

We even made a couple big cloth diaper purchases this weekend. After much debate, I had decided on the Flip system (by Bum Genius), and on Friday night a place online was having a sale/buy one get one free deal on Flip covers. We got eight covers for like $50, plus free shipping! Then when we went to buy the inserts that go in them at the natural baby care store by our house, Grovia covers were also buy one get one free, so we got a couple of those to try too! My plan is to use regular disposable diapers for the first few weeks, until you are big enough to wear the cloth covers (they say they fit 7-35 pounds but I've heard they aren't great for newborns). I also don't want to overwhelm myself by trying to figure out cloth diapering while I'm first adjusting to life with a new baby. So anyway, we've also been slowly stocking up on disposable diapers, and I didn't realize how expensive they are. I really think we are going to save a lot of money going the cloth route! Plus, baby butts in cloth diapers are just so cute :)

Moving on...

You had your first BPP/NST on Friday and passed with flying colors. One of the things they check for during the ultrasound part is practice breathing. It was pretty cool to watch your little diaphragm moving up and down, up and down, getting ready to take that first breath on the outside. We also got another little peak at your adorable face:

The NST part of the monitoring was kind of fun too. Basically, I just sat in a big leather recliner with monitors strapped on my belly and listened to your heartbeat for about 20-30 minutes. The monitors record heart rate decelerations and accelerations as you move around. I didn't get to look at the print-out too closely, but my doctor assured me it looked great.

Last night was a bad one, the kind where I was up all night worrying that you weren't moving enough. After I ate some yogurt and drank a big cold glass of milk this morning, you assured me you were okay with some crazy rolls and kicks on the side. I cried I was so relieved. Here's a crappy cell phone video of a couple of them:

Alright, Little E. I can't wait to see you again on Thursday!

Love you,


Jessica said...

Such a cute little video!!You are looking lovely as always :) SO glad all is going well!!

Amy L. said...

You look fanastic, Kristin! It's so hard to believe he'll be here so soon. Can't wait to hear what you think of the cloth diapers. We planned to use them with our twins and I think we will still with our rainbow, when we get there. It just makes so much more sense (and saves a lot of $$ for the effort). <3

Martha Waltz Wewer said...

So cute - you are getting so close. We used cloth from the beginning and Zoey only weigh 5 pounds, 11 ounces when she came home. Didn't have one leak. We used the Flip covers too and hands down, they are my favorite to this day.

Lori said...

LOVE! You will love cding (but I already told you that!). And, you'll get your own system rocking before you know it.

Seriously. Those cheeks on that boy.

Shan said...

I had a few of those really crappy nights with Fynn. Scary enough not having had your experience with Stevie Joy. I'm glad he was hopping and bopping soon after (but I couldn't see the video... grr!).

HIS daughter said...

I am 31 weeks today with a little boy as well whose name starts with an E even though it is Elijah not Elliot :) AND we decided to do flip covers too :) I can hardly wait till I can actually try them out on him :)
And SO GLAD he started moving :) Praying for you!

Jay said...

You look beautiful!

MamaE said...

Good plan with the diapering. We did the same thing - disposable for about 4-6 weeks until our little one grew into the cloth diapers. We like bumgenius. Those were our favorite. Just make sure you have some snap covers. The velcro wears out and we spent a lot replacing those several times to get us through to potty training. The snap covers just lasted longer. Cloth diapering is pretty easy when you get into it, and the laundry didn't bother us at all! :)

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