Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elliot wants OUT! (video)

Dear Elliot,
One thing I am really going to miss about being pregnant is watching you stretch my belly around. Here's a little video I took this morning. It's crappy quality, but you can still kinda see what I'm talking about :) Almost feels like you are trying to escape. Soon enough!

Love you,


Wiley said...


Beth said...

love it. that is awesome!! (:

Nicole said...

How exciting to see!

Jennie said...

I agree that was the best thing about being pregnant! I miss that feeling :( I would still put my hand on my belly feeling for him once he was already out too. I just got so used to feeling it all day long.

Stefanie said...

That was great. I am so happy you actually got to document that! I can't wait to see this little boy.

Jaime said...

Oh how I miss that! And how I wish I had gotten my iPhone earlier so I could have caught it on tape!!

x <3 o

Crystal said...

I loved that part of being pregnant... watching my stomach move around. I hate that I didn't get that with Nathan (my second son), as I wasn't able to carry him long enough. My first son, Cameron was so active. My husband would talk to him and watch him move around.

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