Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dear Elliot,
I've been just waiting for the day I had a cute little baby to take a million pictures of. Don't get me wrong, the dogs are great little models too, but they really don't change much day-to-day, and with over 10,000 pictures of them on my computer (sadly, this is not much of an exaggeration!), I think I'm pretty set for awhile :)

Anyway, after nearly three years, my iPhone finally died on me a couple weeks ago, so I was able to upgrade to an iPhone4, which finally arrived earlier this week. I downloaded the Instagram app and have been totally obsessed ever since! If anyone out there uses Instagram, my username is kristincook23 (search for me!). And here are a few pictures from this week.

You are growing like a weed (I had to break out the 3-6 months clothes this week, at 5 weeks!), and your sweet little grin completely melts my heart.

We're finally making the switch to fulltime cloth diapering today (all the one-size covers I bought have still been way too big even at like 12 pounds). I'm excited to see how it all goes (and to start saving some money!)

I can hear you starting to wake up from your morning nap on Dad, which means you'll be demanding milk any second now, so I will write more later. I love you so, so much!



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Tiffany said...

so cute!

Valerie said...

He's so sweet. I'm so happy for y'all.

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