Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work it Wednesdays

Dear Readers,
I have become a little bit obsessed (ok, a lot obsessed) with finding cute clothes for Elliot. So much of what's out there for boys is, well, crap. So when I find something really adorable, I get really excited. I know there are far more important things than what a baby wears, and obviously he couldn't care less about it. But whatever, its so much fun dressing him up!

In case there are other mamas of little boys out there who share my desire to find clothes that are cool and fun and not covered in cars and puppies and stupid sayings, I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite finds on Wednesdays from now on. I'm doing this partly to help other moms, but mainly because I need an excuse to dress up my boy and show him off somewhere! :)

So without further ado, here is what El rocked today.

For hanging out around the house, running errands, and going to our play groups, Elliot usually wears some variation of this outfit.

The leg warmers are made by Baby Legs (these are the organic version and run $12/pair retail, but they are often on sale at I seriously can't rave about these enough. I love, love, love them. Super cute, and super convenient--no pants to take on and off during our 8,000 diaper changes every day! We have 8-10 pairs in different colors and patterns (I'm sure the rest will show up in other posts like this!), and they look adorable even if they don't really match the onesie they're paired with.

The lemur (at least that's what I think that creature is called!) onesie is actually from Whole Foods. Did you know Whole Foods sold baby clothes? I'm not sure why, but they do! This is the first thing I bought for E when we found out he was a boy. I love animals on clothes, but not the standard cartoony  kind that cover most of what's out there, so this is just perfect!

The hoodie is from good old Target (Circo, $5). I've actually been pretty disappointed with Target's boy selection lately, but we wear this basic hoodie all the time. I take it in my diaper bag whenever we go out in case it gets chilly (sometimes in the summer, stores have the AC just blasting!).

The pacifier clip is a Bink Link ($14). I love how it adds some fun color to everything he wears. Plus, without it, I'd go completely crazy searching for his paci throughout the day!

So, after he spit up all over outfit #1, we put on this little ensemble:

I just love this lightweight summer cardigan from H&M ($10 I think). Actually, I love pretty much everything from that store. Tons of 'little man' style clothes for excellent prices. 

The 'this is the life' T-shirt is from Target (on clearance right now for $3). 

Jean shorts were also from the Target clearance rack (Oshkosh, $4). Check out Target right now--they have a lot of summer stuff for super cheap!

Okay, that's all for now. Join me next week for more fashion fun, and let me know if you have any great tips/finds of your own to share! :)



Jessica said...


mommy4boys said...

Love it! Totally hooking up with some babylegs for Simon!

Becca and Logan said...

Thanks for the H&M tip! Their boy clothes do look cute! I can't wait to shop normally again!

celticprincess said...

I love seeing Elliott's fashion show! I adored baby legs when my almost 2 year old was younger. They are also great as arm warmers as the boys get bigger. Friend Baby Legs on FB and you will hear about sales, clearance deals, etc.

My favorite places for little boy clothes are Carters, Gap, and Old Navy. Gymboree is a bit too cute for me, but I like Crazy 8 too. I am super disappointed in Target. For big boys (size 5 and up), Shawn White designs great stuff. I keep hoping he will come out for a line of skater stuff for toddlers. Gwen Stefani has an adorable line at Target too and I think it is in infant/toddler sizes too.


Caroline said...

Love Love Love so cute !!

Ashley said...

I was wondering when the lemur onesie would appear. I think that one is so cute! Also, toddler Thursdays at Goodwill are awesome. Half off kids items which is great for wardrobe building, at anywhere from .50-3.00 you can afford to buy things even if he can't where them for a bit. I always live finding a cache of vintage boys clothes. H&M is great for clothes! I can't wait to put our little friend in some rolled up cuff hipster jeans!

Kelly Jean said...

Thank you! I've bought Parker some funny sayings onsies.. he also has some "cutesy" stuff, but I'm also not into the puppies and ducks and crap. The first outfit is TOO cute. I've been pondering whether baby boys can rock leggings, and you just TOTALLY answered that question. He is one stylin little dude!

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