Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nothing much to say

Dear Stevie,
The month of August has been a busy one. With vacation, your due date, my birthday, our wedding anniversary, my job that pays the bills, and Faces, my "job" that doesn't (but gives me more fulfillment than I can even explain!), I haven't been left with much time to write to you.

While I'm happy, I guess, that I'm at a point where life feels almost "normal" again, sometimes I really miss the days when it wasn't. When my life revolved around missing you. I miss the days when I had such a strong desire to write here, the days when I NEEDED to write to you every single day, the days when the words just spilled out of me with such ease.

Now, most days it feels like I have nothing much to say, besides the obvious "I love you, I miss you." And really, who wants to read that over and over again?

But today that's all I've got.

I love you, Stevie.

I miss you, Baby.



Hope's Mama said...

You don't need to say anymore. Even if we're all out of words, that's how we all feel each and every day without them.
Sending love this August. I know it was a big month for you.
And just want to say how wonderful I think "Faces" is. You are doing a great job and you should be so proud. I know Stevie would be.

The Griegers said...

I've felt the exact same way has begun to move on and I am just "normal" again. I love and miss Dash but just like you, who wants to read that day after day? Sigh...

butterflymom said...

Glad that you are feeling and getting back to "normal." You must be finding some peace...which is a great healing tool. Sending hugs to you always.

Jen said...

I know what you mean by almost missing the days that weren't normal. I feel almost like I knew better how and who to be. Weird. God Heals, he really does. I continue to pray for you and Faces...what an amazing thing God is doing through you.

Press On!

Julie said...

someone else (wish i remember who) recently said on her blog that everyday gets easier and harder at the same time. i, too, find myself sometimes wishing that i was still missing kenny with that same intense pain as the first couple months. somehow it made him seem closer. i'm so glad you've created a project that is giving you so much fulfillment. fol/foh has really taken off, and you should be proud of how many lives you're touching - how many lives STEVIE is touching!

Lori said...

I'd read it every day...and understand it and know that it will never change.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. the days are getting easier, especially since I've been on "vacation" from most of the internet... and it makes me sad. :\ It makes me feel like a bad mum.

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