Monday, June 20, 2011

Have a laugh at my expense :)

I was hanging out at my parents house last night and found some old pictures of myself, some of which made me laugh pretty hard (and others which prove I was pretty freaking cute at points in my life!), so I thought I'd pass them along! Enjoy!

 Sorry Mom, but SIX bows on one child is just too much....

 Me and my Grandpa chillin' in the hammock. This is one of my favorite pictures (and memories!) of her.

 People don't always believe me when I tell them I was so dorky I wore Disney shirts all the way up until high school (and not in like a 'cool' or ironic way!) This is proof.

 I used to think I never really went through an 'awkward phase.' Then I see pictures like this and realize how very wrong I was...

 I would totally still rock this outfit today.

 Same with this little number!

 Two things are hilarious about this picture: 1) the size of my cheeks, and 2) the fact that I required not one by TWO nooks to go to sleep.


 I never realized how boyish I looked!

 My favorite picture of me and my other Grandma. Miss you!

 This one's just cute. :)

I totally remember this outfit (and these totally awesome shoes!)

Alright, hope you're all having a decent Monday!



Emily said...

I had saddle shoes like that too. Loved them.

Caroline said...

Lovely thanx for sharing <3

Natasha said...

Great pictures Kristin!!!

Ausmerican Housewife said...

I had pink saddle shoes too!

Rhiannon said...

So cute! I had shoes exactly like that! :)

Brooke said...

Yes to the saddle shoes, that cute little red sweater, the inexcusable wearing of Disney shirts in junior high, AND calling pacifiers "nooks." Love your curls, though--I always wanted curly hair!

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