Friday, June 3, 2011

Vacation Pics

Thought I'd share some pics from my girls' trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico last week. I already miss the ocean!

 View from our hotel balcony

 Our cute little room

 Ready for a night out in Old San Juan


 Love that ocean (and notice how UNcrowded the beach was!)

 Bum shot :)

 Look closely and you can see a rainbow!

 Jersa and I

 Evening walk along the beach

 One of the many fine eating establishments we visited

Puppies everywhere!

 Ferry ride out to Culebra Island

 Loving the view

 Culebra Island...tealest, most beautiful water I've ever seen 

 Tubin' with Lisa

 Playa Flamenca...#2 beach in the WORLD, according to the Discovery Channel :)

 Wish I could relive this day over and over and over again!

 Again, notice how peaceful and uncrowded this place is!

 Taking it all in


 Learning to salsa Zumba moves definitely came in handy!

 Rainy night in Old San Juan

Fresh seafood, nothing better!

PS. Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. I really appreciate your love and support! XO


MagicMonkeyMehendi said...

Did you eat any plantains? I had a Puerto Rican neighbor growing up and she would always bring plantain chips back after visiting family, or she'd make me fresh, fried plantains. They are sooooo good!

Stephanie said...

So much fun!

Nika M. said...

That looks like fun!

WillaBean said...

What a beautiful, well deserved get-a-way! So glad you where able to enjoy yourself and have wonderful friends to share your journey with. Kinda sad to hear about all those puppies, tho!

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