Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who me? An adult?

Dear Stevie,
I feel like I've aged about a million years since you died. Maybe 25 is just the age where you start to grow up. Maybe it's the whole losing a baby thing. Maybe it's some combination of the two. Who knows. But I feel like all of a sudden this real live 'adult.' It's kinda weirding me out just a little!

Here are some of the things that have lead me to the conclusion that I am officially old:
  • It's considered a 'crazy!' night when Dad and I stay up past midnight. 
  • I constantly have a purse full of Werthers Originals candy wrappers. Seriously, who eats those things except grandmas??
  • I can't recall the last time my friends and I took one of those fish lip photos (you know, the ones where you pucker your lips and try to look all hot). See example below.
  •  It's been at least a year or two since I've had to dig for change in my couch cushions, old purses, and washing machine in order to eat that day.
  • I get excited about things like new bath towels, fancy dish soap, and Swiffer Wet Jets.
  • A good chunk of the people in the NBA and NFL are like years younger than I am.
  • I feel super creepy and pedophile-ish saying I think guys like Justin Bieber and Zac Efron are cute.
  • Someone called me 'Ma'am' at Target the other day.
  • I find myself saying things like, "I can't believe that child is riding his bike without a HELMET!' 
  • I quite enjoy candles.
  • I can't shop in stores like Abercrombie or American Eagle because the music is too loud.
  • I had no idea what the little '#' meant at the end of facebook posts meant until like last week.
  • I rely on people like my 14-year-old cousin to stay up to date on what's 'cool' in the world.
  • Hours spent looking at celebrity gossip online has turned to hours of getting into philosophical arguments with other commenters on various Cnn.com articles.
  • I prefer craft beer over Miller Lite and a glass of red wine over UV Blue.
  • Six girls sleeping on one hotel bed is no longer considered worth the $10 saved per person.
  • I drink coffee and listen to talk radio on my drive into work.
Miss you, Stevie girl.

Your boring old mom :)


Deanna said...

Oh, Kristin! This post makes me laugh, only because I can relate to most of it!!

Jessica said...

I can totally relate except I am freaking out because in a month I turn 30 EEK!

Franchesca said...

LOL loved this :)

Catherine W said...

Like Deanna I can relate to most of this! Especially the Werthers Originals wrappers. Love those sweets! But I am now 32! Eeep. So I'm allowed!

I was a lot older than you when my daughter died, I was 29. I think losing a baby ages you by about . . . yup, you're right. . . a million years, no matter how old you happen to be at the time.

Dana said...

Personally, and I know others who felt the same way, 25 was around the time we all felt like a real grown-up, for all the reasons you listed. Losing a baby probably makes you feel even more that way. I laughed my way through the list. I remember when I started doing all of those things too.

I ate Werther's all the time when I was pregnant with Jacob. They were the most natural thing I could find and they helped the nausea alot. And they are delicious. I'd still be eating them if I didn't have that association.

Erin said...

I STILL don't know what the # sign means on facebook.

Alissa said...

I love this... :) It made me laugh, smile and remember. Thank you.

amy said...

I'm with Erin...what does the # sign on facebook mean???

Caroline said...

Love this so cute :)

Angie said...

"I can't shop in stores like Abercrombie or American Eagle because the music is too loud" made me pee because I laughed so hard! Peeing every time I sneeze/cough/laugh/blink would definitely be on my list of things I do that make me feel like an adult.

Also, I still have no idea what '#' means...

Amanda McClenaghan said...

This is so perfect! I completely understand the moment you realize you are an adult!

And I definitely asked our up to date imaginary internet friends what the # meant! I still don't get it, but I don't tweet!

Tiffany said...

I can relate 100%. Love you!

Nika M. said...

I love those Werthers things. Mostly because the old people I worked with at a nursing home shared them with me. So those definitely make me feel old.

And I still don't know what the # means on facebook. I don't even care to know.

Jaime said...

#? Please explain!

I'll be 35 tomorrow (official dinosaur here), your list is making me feel old because they are not new to me... when I read them I had memories of way back when I discovered those things! Yikes and thanks for a good laugh!

x <3 0

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the giggle girl! Yesterday was my birthday ~ as you know. . . and um, I am WAY older than you:)

PSST: I love Werther's

Jim and April said...

i SO thoroughly enjoyed reading this and totally related to it! I also feel so old when I realize all these NBA players who are making millions are just 18 or 20 and I too think Zac efron is cute...haha...oh so many things i agreed with you on this! ;)

Missy Luukkonen said...

I still dont know what that # means at the end of FB posts....Do tell! :)

Leanne said...

Oh dear! Then that must mean I've aged...or am an adult or something (haha) because I can relate to many of these! My best friend freaked out last fall at the homecoming game because a high schooler or middle schooler called her "ma'am". She turned to me and said, "I'm not old enough to be a 'ma'am' yet!!!!" Hahahaha.

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