Monday, September 5, 2011

August 15th: 7(ish) weeks

Written 8/15/11: 7.5 weeks pregnant

Dear E,
So this is a bit late, but on Friday we hit the 7 week mark! This weekend, my ‘morning sickness’ (all day sickness is what it should be called) was in full swing. And then I whacked my back all out of alignment, so that was extra fun. I pretty much spent the entire weekend in bed or on the couch. The dogs are loving all this extra cuddle time!
When I was pregnant with your sister, I didn’t start showing at all until like 16-18 weeks. I guess it’s true that you pop out much sooner with each subsequent pregnancy, because I feel HUGE. I swear, this isn’t all fat, because really, I’ve been eating mainly plain rice and crackers, and throwing up a couple times a day. And I realize you are like the size of a blueberry, so it’s not all you either. But whatever it is, there is definitely a bump that begs to be seen!
If I’m already struggling to disguise the bump at just 7.5 weeks along, I am kind of afraid of what I’m gonna look like by the time March rolls around! Yikes!
I just realized that today is August 15th–Stevie’s due date. I should have a one year old’s party to plan this week. Instead, I have a one baby in my heart, and one baby in my belly. Bittersweet for sure.
Keep growing, little E! T-minus 14 days until I get to see you again!
I love you,


Radiant Readhead said...

Don't worry, i did the same thing! lol. It eventually slowed down. i guess you always pop faster with the first:-) I am soooooo excited for you!!!

MamaE said...

I was showing much earlier the 2nd time too! I was like you: much sicker and feeling gross but super happy about it too. It was like the sickness kept me thinking that things were going ok. Just be prepared for what happened to me next: when the sickness got better during the 2nd tri, I started to worry because I wasn't sick! I guess you are just never the same after a baby loss. Worry, worry, worry.

Jenny said...

You are SO adorable pregnant!!

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