Monday, September 5, 2011

August 24th: 8(ish) weeks

Written 8/24/11: 8.5 weeks pregnant

Dear E,
I hit 8 weeks last Friday, so once again I’m running a bit late with the updating.
Not much new this week, as far as symptoms go. I did have my first ever experience with what I believe is called “projectile vomiting” yesterday though. I’ll spare you all the nasty details, but let’s just say I will never attempt to eat Leann Chin again for as long as I am alive. Gross!
I’ve basically just been in a state of sickness and worry for the last month or so, and I am so ready to move past this lame first trimester business. Your poor grandmother. I call her pretty much every night in tears, whining and complaining about how awful I feel, and how scared I am. I know I’ve said this like a million times already, but this is seriously so much harder than I thought it would be. With Stevie, I felt physically sick, but my spirits were so high. I was so excited and blissfully naive, and I think that really helped balance out the physical yuckiness I was dealing with. Now, I’m super sick AND super worried. I’m hoping I can get to the point where I can add in some excitement and bliss at some point, but I’m just not there yet, unfortunately.
Anyway, here’s the most recent “belly shot” at 8 weeks, 3 days:
Please excuse the gross air-dried hair and the half-assed smile. The photo was taken about an hour after the aforementioned projectile vomiting incident.
One thing I am getting super excited about is the fact that I am almost done with the stupid progesterone suppositories I’ve been taking. When I’m done with this pack, I’ll be done forever:
And in the following picture, you can see why I refer to these annoying little suckers as bullets. I’m always yelling downstairs at Dad to “bring me one of my bullets!!” Ha.
So yesterday was my birthday. 26. I feel so old! We went to dinner with Dad’s family at Ruby Tuesday, where I was able to successful keep down some lettuce with cheese and ranch dressing, and a few grapes. I was given a free red velvet cupcake for my birthday, and I couldn’t even touch it. Baby, you just don’t know what you’re missing!
At dinner, you received your first present: a pack of totally adorable onesies and a couple super cute toys from your Grandma and Grandpa Cook. We have so much baby stuff that you’ll probably end up inheriting from your big sister, but these are the first things that were picked out especially for you. I really, really hope you’ll get to use them someday:
Well, I am ready for a nap. Love you, Baby. See you soon.


Mama E said...

I took the same VGS everyday till 12 weeks, had some really light spotting the day after I stopped them and of course freaked out and went to the ER, everything was fine though.

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