Monday, September 5, 2011

August 4th: Scared

Written 8/4/11: 5.5 weeks pregnant

Dear Baby,
I just want it to be Tuesday already. Actually, I just want it to be Tuesday afternoon, after seeing your heartbeat on the ultrasound. I am so scared that it’s going to be bad news. I have no basis for this fear, really (I mean, my symptoms are getting worse and worse, and I don’t have any spotting or anything else to ‘worry’ about), but I know from reading blogs and hundreds of stories on Faces of Loss that being a babyloss mom does not make me immune from things like missed miscarriages, blighted ovums, and molar pregnancies.
I just want everything to be okay. I need everything to be okay.
I love you already, Baby.


Jenny said...

*Hugs* <3

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