Saturday, November 26, 2011

22 weeks

Dear Elliot,
Happy 22 weeks (yesterday), baby boy! I want to a big Thanksgiving weekend wrap-up soon, but since the weekend isn't over yet, I think I'll wait until later. So for now, here's a little belly comparison:

What a difference 16 weeks can make, right?! I remember taking the 6-week shot and thinking my "belly" looked big then. Ha! I seem to be expanding everywhere this time around. Kind of hard to believe we still have another 16 weeks (or so) to go!

Keep growing big and strong. Talk to you soon!



Catherine W said...

Aw you look absolutely lovely!
Thinking of you and Elliot, hope you both stay healthy and strong xo

Nika M. said...

Pregnancy looks good on you. Glad things are going well. Praying for you and little Elliot.

Caroline said...

You look great keeping you in my prayers {{{<3}}}

Leanne said...

I love the comparison! Cute!

Jessica said...

You look great!! Praying for you <3

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