Sunday, February 7, 2010

13 Weeks

Happy 13 weeks, Baby!

I think we are officially in the second trimester! Now bring on that energy and pregnancy glow I've heard so much about!

Even your dad said my little bump is getting really obvious. It's definitely getting harder to hide!

Number of weeks: 13

Weight: Guessing another pound or 2

How I'm feeling: I finally feel my energy starting to return. I'm still super tired in the mornings, but I think that's mainly because I have a really hard time sleeping at night (mainly because of all the peeing, but also because of dad's out of control snoring!) I still have a lot of food aversions (like the other night I couldn't eat guacamole-my favorite!), but my appetite is definitely on its way back. Last night we went out for Indian food and it felt so good to be able to order something nice and spicy and stuff my face until I was full! One pregnancy symptom that has only gotten worse with time is my skin. I am breaking out like crazy! I've heard that's a sign of a girl, but I still think you're a boy ;). In another 6 weeks we'll know one way or the other--I cannot wait!!

Your dad has been getting more and more excited about you the last couple weeks. He's going to be a great dad. Here are a couple pictures of him practicing reading to you this morning. Hopefully you'll sit still better than the dogs did.

We love you so much!



Christina said...

I'm 13 weeks right now. And seriously, come on with they mythical pregnancy glow! I feel nasty, constantly. Good luck finding yours!

I need to start taking baby belly pics.

Christina said...

Oh, and I'm clstainbrook at baby center!

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