Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Ultrasound!

Hi Baby,
Tonight was one of the coolest nights of my life. We got to see you for the first time, and it was absolutely incredible. A friend of my friend Marissa was looking for an "Ultrasound Model" for a youth group tour of a crisis pregnancy center. You made your debut in front of me, dad, and about 30 random high school students. We got to watch you on and off for over an hour. You were so cute! At first you were sound asleep, but once we woke you up, you wouldn't stop moving--jumping, stretching, waving your tiny little hands around, yawning, even grasping onto your umbilical cord. Amazing!

Both your dad and I were just in awe that there is this little fully formed baby inside me, complete with tiny feet, a four-chamber heart, a spine, ears, and the cutest button nose (I decided I think it looks just like mine) I have ever seen. Seeing you made this whole pregnancy thing so much more real. I have a baby in me. Crazy.

The Sonographer let us know that based on your nuchal skin fold measurement and nasal bone structure, he thought there was a 95% chance you do not have Down Syndrome. Of course, even if you did, we'd love you just the same, but it's so reassuring to know everything looks perfect. He also measured the circumference of your head to determine exactly how far along you measure, and you measured 14 weeks 3 days, with a due date of August 15th--just like we thought!

I feel like I'm just on cloud nine right now. I never really understood when mothers would talk about being in love with their babies before they were even born, until now.

Look at that sweet little nose

I can't get over your tiny little fingers

Your heart beating away at 159 BPM

Kind of hard to see, but there's your spine

You being all creepy, looking sort of like the evil queen from Snow White :)

We weren't able to get a clear enough look at your goods to find out whether you're a boy or a girl, so I guess we'll just have to wait another 5 weeks or so! Can't wait to see you again then!

I love you so much!



Anonymous said...

That must have been so exciting! I can't tell who the baby looks like, but I can't tell when I'm holding them in my arms either. Congratulations!

leannenannette said...

Aww, how exciting to get to see your baby for the first time! Those were some incredible u/s pictures! I can't believe how clear they were! I loved hearing about all of your thoughts and feelings from seeing your baby. So sweet. :)

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