Monday, October 3, 2011

14 weeks

Dear E,
We hit 14 weeks on Friday, which means we've officially entered the second trimester. I can't believe we're already over a third of the way done!

Aside from the total suckiness of losing my job on Thursday, this weekend was actually pretty great. I felt like I should clarify a bit after my last post; I think I may have scared some people and that wasn't my intention. We'll be okay. I can get unemployment, and since my job payed pretty well, it will pretty much be the equivalent to working a fulltime retail job or something like that. And Dad is working, over fulltime hours right now, and while he's not making as much as he was before getting laid off, it's definitely enough to get by. I won't even come close to qualifying for Medicaid or state insurance, but at least we have Cobra. Even if I were to find a new job with benefits (or Dad were to), it's not like I could just start on a new plan already being pregnant, so to make sure my benefits stay the same as they are right now, Cobra seems like the best choice. It's expensive, but like I said, we'll figure out how to make it work. I am also starting the process of fighting for a better severance package from my former employer, based on the highly suspect circumstances surrounding my sudden 'elimination,' but of course I can't talk much about that here. Anyway, after having a few days to really think about things, I am feeling much better and much more hopeful. I am excited to have this opportunity to figure out what it is I really want to do with my life, career-wise, and to have the free time to (hopefully!) make it happen. And hey, maybe now I'll actually have time to finish writing my book, right?!

Okay, sorry for the super long ramble there. Back to the fun stuff :)

I had the energy to more this weekend than I've done in like the two previous months combined. It felt so great to get out of the house, interact with other human beings, and feel like I was actually living in the real world again.

Friday night, we had an impromptu bonfire with some of the neighbors. It was the perfect way to officially welcome fall and its lovely 55-degree evenings. I am so excited for sweatshirt weather!

Saturday, I spent the morning working on my resume and looking at some freelance writing sites online. I also discovered that there were a bunch of new Grey's Anatomy episodes up on Netflix, so naturally I watched a few of those too (I know, I know, it's a horrible show, but I secretly love it). Later that night, Dad and I went to a wedding reception for one of his co-workers. I was so happy I had my appetite back because they had literally like 20 different cakes to choose from, including the most amazing pumpkin cake I've ever tasted. In addition to all sorts of free beer and wine, they also had the cutest little "coffee shop" set up outside. It was great--I sipped on chai tea lattes while Dad sipped on an assortment of fall brews. Another perfect fall night. We didn't get home until...wait for it...10 o'clock! Whoa!

Sunday morning Dad made an awesome breakfast consisting of cottage cheese, fruit, eggs, and apple/maple turkey sausages. I was able to eat everything but the eggs--major progress!

Then we ran errands, thought about driving to the apple orchard, decided we were too broke for that, and then we took you to see one of my all-time favorite bands in concert at First Ave...

...Hanson! Yes, as in the Hanson brothers of 'Mmmbop' fame. I will spare you my usual 10-minute-long In Defense of Hanson speech, but they are still making music and they are still seriously awesome. They put on a great show! During their tour, they let each city vote on which album they want to hear the most songs from during the show, and Minneapolis picked Middle of Nowhere (the Mmmbop album). It was so much fun to sing along to all my favorite songs from my middle school days. I hope you enjoyed the music, Little E. I am so glad you will enter this world having already experienced one of the greatest musical acts in the world live and in concert. I can't wait to jam to Mmmbop together someday soon :)

Hanson circa 1997. My first love is the one in the middle :)

My boys in 2011

Alright, Baby. Talk to you soon!

Love you,


Farfromtheshore said...

The principal at the school I worked for last year chose not to renew my contract a week after they found out I was pregnant again after loosing my daughter earlier that year. My reviews had been perfect and they had already approved my lesson plans for the next year....I'm so sorry it happened to you too. It is really sad that employers can get away with this. It's discrimination.

Mama E said...

Welcome to the second tri! Glad you are feeling better.

Merel said...

Okay, so I guess I should have read this post first ;).

CourtneyAnna said...

Not gonna lie, I still love Hanson. I still know every line to "Mmmbop." :-)

Melissa said...

FYI - you can switch insurance companies while pregnant...I officially had 3 different carriers in 2010 during Sammy. But for sure you gotta do whatever you are comfortable with!

Deni said...

I've been a little distant from blogs, but wanted to tell you congrats on baby E! I'm so sorry about your job and I'd fight for better severance! But I have also heard of people switching insurance during a pregnancy, usually as long as there is no lapse in coverage it's not an issue, so keep cobra until you get something else and you should be good!!! Praying you bring home sweet E in March and understand the struggle of faith.

x Jen said...

What do you mean Grey's is a crappy show?!!! It's the best (ok, I get what you mean but horrible TV can be GREAT, if that makes sense).

I am so very sorry you were laid off. It seems so unfair and unjust. Hoping you sort out a good package.

I am loving your blog. I am only two weeks behind you and so excited to be sharing the journey from afar.


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