Monday, October 24, 2011

17 weeks and another craft project

Dear Elliot,
This post is going to be a two-parter.

Part 1: brief 17-week update

We made it to 17 weeks on Friday! You were measuring further along at the last ultrasound, so I'm not sure if that also technically makes me further along as well, but whatever! I don't have much new to report on the pregnancy front. I'm eating all the time, still have that annoying cold, still peeing like crazy, still incredibly happy to be pregnant, still incredibly scared. And I swear I am getting bigger and bigger everyday! Here's the most recent belly shot, from a few days ago:

Part 2: cool craft project

Have I mentioned how much I adore Pinterest? I tried to avoid it for a long time, convinced the last thing I needed was another online time-suck to get hooked on. But hooked I am. It's awesome. I've found so many great ideas and I am just loving getting into crafting again!

So this weekend my friend Kristie and I had a little Pinterest-inspired craft night.

I started with this beautiful framed piece of swan art that I found at the thrift store for $5:

I got rid of the glass and the lovely pastel swans, and painted the frame with a really dark wood stain. Well, actually Dad did that part for me, since the fumes were quite strong:

After it dried, I decided that it wasn't dark enough. I really wanted it to match the black frames I already have up in the room where it was going, so I ended up just spray-painting it black:

Then I drilled holes through the sides and threaded thick hemp through, knotting at the ends. Using some mini craft-sized clothes pins, I hung pictures (that I printed using our photo printer at home, and cut out to look like polaroids) along the hemp lines:

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I'm thinking these might make the perfect gift for quite a few people on my Christmas list this year :)

I've got about a million other craft ideas lined up to try next; I'll say it once more, I love Pinterest!

Alright, E, talk to you soon!

Love you,


Caroline said...

What a great project. It turned out great. I love the site Pinterest just have to find me some time to spend on there.

Yay for 17 weeks & hoping you get rid of that cold soon.
Take care & Baby E

Beth said...

feel better soon. love the project you are working on. looks great so far. what a creative idea. (:

Becca and Logan said...

I love Pinterest too, but at this point the boards for the things I want to do are much larger than the board for the things I've done. I think it is time for a reversal.

Happy 17 weeks!

Danae said...

I saw that one and thought about trying it. You did a great job!!

Jessica said...

Lovely belly shot! Also a lovely project! I love Pinterest too!!! <3

car said...

This is why I have never let myself even look at Pinterest, too many good ideas. Yeah for 17 weeks!

Brooke said...

Love Pinterest and love your little craft project. My husband and I spent the weekend DIY-ing "built-in" bookshelves--thanks to Pinterest!

Tara said...

Pinterest is ADDICTING! You did an amazing job! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Shannon said...

Love the photo frame it's beautiful great job.

KellyErin said...

Absolutely love this project! I have just discovered pinterest! What an awesome website ....could anyone send me an invite tho ? I'm not getting anywhere requesting ....My email is you are such an inspiration.....

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