Thursday, October 20, 2011


Dear Elliot,
I've been hating the idea of turning "Stevie's room" into "your room," because it feels like I am undoing everything I did for your sister. By getting rid of her girly things, and replacing them with your boyish thing, it sort of feels like I'm erasing her. And I hate that feeling. I've been trying to think of a way that I could somehow make Stevie a part of the new nursery (without displaying her pink decor, of course!), and then it hit me. Trees. Trees are my special reminder of Stevie, and I think they would be pretty awesome in a little boys' room as well. I'm really not into nursery 'sets,' where everything from the crib bedding, to the laundry basket, to the pictures on the wall, matches. I think an outdoor/trees theme will be perfect because there are lots of fun ways to incorporate trees into a room, without it being too cutesy or matchy-matchy.

So yesterday I decided to get started. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, I made this sweet and simple mobile:

All it took was yarn, cardboard, hemp string, hot glue, and a tree branch from the backyard.

To make the leaves, you just cut out whatever shapes you want out of cardboard, then wrap yarn around the sides, front, and back, and use a hot glue gun to keep it all in place.

Attach the leaves to a tree branch with some hemp or twine, and that's it! I plan on hanging it with clear fishing line and ceiling hooks. Here's the full tutorial for anyone that's interested.

Yesterday I also started working on a four-panel tree painting, using the colors of the leaves in the mobile. I'm hoping it turns out alright. It's been way too long since I've spread out on the floor and gotten all messy and crafty like this. I'm totally loving it!

Deciding to use a tree theme for your room makes me feel about a million times better about this whole thing. I love that now, when I'm rocking you to sleep someday, we'll both be surrounded by your big sister.

My Stevie tattoo

I love you, Baby Boy!



Julie said...

love it! i saw the picture you posted of that on FB and immediately thought of stevie. so glad you're including her in her brother's room!

Caroline said...

Love this idea !!! So beautiful. <3 Stevie <3

Beth said...

such a great idea. love it very much. (:

Shannon said...

this is a wonderful thing you are doing to keep Stevie with Elliot. I love it

Dana said...

I haven't been here for awhile so didn't know that the baby is a boy. I love his name! The mobile is so cute.

Leanne said...

That is a PERFECT theme for his room! Love it! And the mobile is super cute, too!

MK said...


Jessica said...

Lovely! What a beautiful way to include Stevie in her brother's room! <3

Shaina Gadow said...

I love that idea. I was wondering how to do that too, how to still keep a piece of Silas in the room with my little girl. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! So so sweet!
Aug 2010 mama who still keeps Stevie and you in her thoughts : )

Franchesca said...

seriously LOVE this!!!!

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