Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear Baby,
Well, I officially feel like a big, fat pregnant lady. I know most of what's making my once flat tummy stick out like a buddah belly is water and bloating, and not actually you quite yet, but if I relax my stomach, I seriously look like I'm 5-6 months pregnant. I don't think I've actually gained that much weight (maybe like 2-5 pounds, which I swear is all in my rapidly growing boobs), but I look like I've gained at least 10. I hate this stage, where no one knows I'm pregnant, and probably just thinks I way overate during the holidays. My new belly pooch, added to the fact that I haven't really left the couch in almost a month, is making me feel quick gross and lazy!

Sorry for the rant. Your mom isn't always this negative and whiney, I promise. Someday, maybe you'll understand.



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