Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Positive

Dear Baby,
I feel like I've been a bit of a downer lately. Feeling like crap all day, everyday, for weeks on end will do that to you I guess! Anyway, I thought I would try to look on the bright side today. Aside from the constant headaches, nausea, and fatigue, there are actually a lot of good things going on right now:

* Yesterday, I got a surprise salary raise and bonus at work, without asking for it! It's so nice to feel appreciated.

* My boss is awesome. She has been so supportive and flexible throughout this pregnancy so far. The other day, she brought in her sweet Pentunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for me...those retail for $175-200 new! How thoughtful and nice!

* Our families couldn't be more supportive and excited for you. I'm on some "birth club" forums online, and I keep reading all these stories of ladies whose families are not there for them, or have reacted negatively about their pregnancy. Your dad and I are incredibly blessed with parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who love us more than we deserve.

* Your dad goes out and gets me whatever weird food I'm craving every night, with minimal complaining. He's also been about as supportive and understanding as a first-time dad-to-be could possibly be.

* The dogs still get way too excited to see me everyday when I get home, despite the fact that I have been a lazy bum and haven't taken them on walks or played with them much lately.

* I have a freaking human being growing inside me. Simply amazing.

There are many, many more, but I think those are all the biggies.

Love you,


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