Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Baby,
I can't wait for you to meet your sisters: Foxy and Jackie. I was never really a "dog person" until these little girls came into our lives. They bring us so much joy and laughter and I'm sure they're going to love you.

First, we have Foxy, our goofy little Fox:

Your dad and I got Foxy a little over a year and a half ago, in June of 2008. We brought her home when she was 9 weeks old, and she quickly stole our hearts. The summer we got her was one of the greatest summers of my life so far. We had so much fun taking her on walks around the lake, bringing her to "puppy school," spending too much money on dog treats and accessories, and meeting lots of other nice people with dogs. Foxy is the cutest dog in the world (yes I'm biased, but you'll see it's true!) She is stubborn, silly, playful, sneaky (like a Fox!) and incredibly friendly. She especially loves little kids and every parent we meet always comments on how unusually great she is with children. She loves to play fetch, play with her "buddies" (beanie babies, other stuffed animals), wrestle with Jackie, be chased, run around outside, meet new people, beg for treats, and, of course, cuddle with her mama :). Every night, she insists on sleeping on my shoulder. You're going to LOVE playing with the Fox!

Then we have Jackie, our sweet little good girl:

We got Jackie a little over a year ago, in November 2008. We knew we wanted a playmate for Foxy, so I was always looking at the "pets" section on Craigslist, keeping an eye out for poodles for sale. The day I saw the posting for Jackie, I knew we had to have her. Her owner was giving her away because she simply couldn't take care of her anymore. Jackie had a rough start to life, spending the first year of her life locked in someone's garage. When we picked her up she was super skinny and boney, and didn't even know how to play with toys! It was heartbreaking. I was worried that she was never going to adjust to her new life, but after about a week with us, she started to open up. Today, she is the sweetest, most loving, most obedient little girl ever. You can tell she appreciates what we've done for her. She loves to be pet, cuddled, and praised. She's totally stolen my dad's heart too!

This picture pretty much sums up their personalities:

I can't wait to watch the three of you play together soon!




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