Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hey Baby,

You can’t even imagine how excited your grandparents are about you! Your Grandma Cook and your Auntie Katie were so excited, that they went out the day after we told them about you and bought you your first little onesie, bib, and stuffed giraffe. Everyone on dad’s side of the family talks about you constantly now. We talk about what your name might be, what your nursery is going to look like, what books we’re going to read to you, everything! You’re already loved so much!

Your Grandma and Grandpa Ziemke (my mom and dad) are also very excited. Grandma started to cry as soon as she figured out what I was about to tell her. She said something that I keep coming back to: “most couples regret not having kids sooner, and not the other way around.” The more I think about it, the more I’m excited to be a “young” mom…a mom who has lots of energy to chase you around and make life super fun for you. I have never been very close to my own grandparents and I’ve always been a bit sad about that. I am so happy that you’re going to have both sets very involved in your life right from the beginning. :)

Keep growing strong–you have lots of people loving you and cheering you on!




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