Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good fortune?

Dear Stevie,
Dad and I walked to an Asian place for dinner tonight. They have free unlimited fortune cookies there, which is awesome. Anyway, I felt like God or the universe or something was trying to tell me something with the fortunes I got:

And my personal favorite:

Maybe these little messages about impending hope and happiness are just a coincidence, but I am choosing to believe these fortune cookies know what they're talking about. That better days are ahead. That someday I will get what my heart so desires.

If not, I'm so going back and asking for a refund.

Love you baby girl,


Antoinette said...

Ok I do not know if its that we "look" for things, but I DO feel like the babies send us signs and encouragement all the time...THESE random fortune cookie sayings are just too much of a "coincidence" if you ask me!! SO your latest blog says what has Stevie done to change my life, well Stevie has brought US together to get through this with just a few words of encouragement here and there...TODAY Stevie has given me some hope in these fortunes as well...Thank you for your comment tonight, I was REALLY annoyed with her and its sad because her and I were so close through the pregnancies and her son and Alyssa were gonna be BF and GF when they got older (our dream at least) and now its like Im talking to a stranger when I speak to her and I have MORE in common with you who I have never even met...Im requesting you on FB by the way..xoxo

Maggie said...

Oh wow!!! What asian place was that? All I get from places around here are the stupid fortunes that make no sense or don't say anything profound at all! lol! I love those. I hope with all my heart that all those fortunes come true for you. :) Stevie is trying to tell you something!

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